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Incorta 2022 Predictions: Four Data Analytics Trends to Watch in 2022

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Four Data Analytics Trends to Watch in 2022

By Matthew Halliday, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Product at Incorta, a unified data analytics platform

As 2022 quickly approaches, predictions season is well underway - the time of year when industry leaders and experts forecast what trends and innovations we will see in the new year. 

Will technology solve the global supply chain crisis? Will data engineers start using AI-based tools in their day-to-day work? Will "citizen data analysts" become the most influential people who work with data?  Will retailers nail down product profitability at the SKU level?

Let's dive into a few forward-looking thoughts covering big data, analytics, and cloud technology and business in 2022 and beyond.

Data Engineers Will Increasingly Use to AI Technologies Built For Data Science

Data engineers will increasingly use AI-based tools in their day-to-day work, especially those traditionally associated with data science. To support this, more analytics vendors will incorporate AI programmatic capabilities in their platforms, opening up new opportunities for data engineers. This will also blur the line between data engineering and data science, providing new opportunities for innovation.

What's more, as a growing number of companies wake up to the power of unified platforms, we'll see collaboration and shared toolsets play a much bigger role in data preparation and data pipeline management in the year ahead.

"Citizen Analysts" will Uncover the Most Impactful Analytics Use Cases

As the technology that underpins data analytics becomes more accessible to those on the front lines, we will see a rise in "citizen analysts" just as we have citizen journalists over the past decade. 

As part of this shift, citizen analysts will become the most influential and impactful individuals who work with data, surpassing data scientists and data engineers. Enabled by low-code/no-code data analytics tools, these individuals will bring a wave of new energy and insights to data analysis and decision making. This will lead to a Cambrian explosion of new ideas and practical applications for data, marking the next big turning point for the industry.

After decades of thinking about data analytics in terms of limitations and constraints, the primary focus for companies going forward will be the "art of the possible."

"Just-in-Time" Supply Chain Failures will Fuel Meteoric Rise of "Just-in-Time" Data Analytics

We are currently living through a remarkable moment in time. Faced with a full-blown supply chain crisis, companies will have no choice but to address long standing issues in their data pipelines - bottlenecks and other fragilities - that prevent teams from gaining the visibility into supply chains they need to survive the decade. No longer held back by the gravity of legacy models, systems and approaches, companies will embrace innovative new solutions in a bid to make "just-in-time" data analytics a reality for their business. 

Necessity is always the mother of invention. If your supply chain is disrupted, then your business is too. Recognizing the important role data plays in success or failure during these challenging times is crucial. Companies that can navigate the increase in volume and variety of data and use it to successfully drive real time, strategic decisions will win - while those who cannot will fall further behind. 

It's a brave new world every year, and it will no doubt be interesting to see what 2022 brings.



Matthew Halliday 

Matthew Halliday is a data analytics expert and enterprise product leader with over 20 years of experience developing products and taking them to market. He is a co-founder and Executive Vice President of Product at Incorta. An artist at heart, Halliday is drawn to technology in much the same way he is drawn to music and design: with a passion and vision that he brings to his work every day. 

Published Wednesday, January 12, 2022 7:38 AM by David Marshall
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