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2022 Will be the Year of the Empowered Developer

By Florian Schouten, VP, Product Management, Value Stream Intelligence & Platform at

As businesses across industries reflect on the innovation and acceleration that was witnessed in the past year, there are a few key developer trends that will remain top of mind in 2022 - as business leaders look to fortify operational resilience, further empower their developer workforces, and gain more value from the modern data stack. Here are some of the top trends that we can expect to see shape and form the modern software developer landscape in 2022.

Major outages from faulty configuration changes will lead to renewed business interest in governance and risk management approaches.

The current technology landscape is becoming more complex with the addition and increased use of microservices, cloud consumption and edge computing. On top of that, companies have increased change and release velocity to unprecedented levels to keep up with the innovation demands of ongoing digital transformation initiatives. This means development pushes bug fixes, new features and entire releases more rapidly into production - often through a combination of manual and automated changes.

In today's world, the traditional means of change governance via a change advisory board (CAB) has dimmed in importance in the interest of providing organizations with more agility - and this has come at a cost: an elevated risk of change failure and the business disruption that ensues from it. For example, the widespread Meta outage we saw in early October. Because of this growing complexity within IT departments, 2022 will see an increased emphasis on governance and risk management.

AI will introduce software development teams to the age of augmented analytics.

AI's next shining moment will be empowering humans with data-driven recommendations for business decisions, across industries, in the form of augmented analytics. With an increased emphasis on governance and risk, we are going to see AI better predict risk around software release schedules to better inform companies of why that release is at risk, providing deeper insights and allowing companies to avoid detrimental errors like the ones Facebook and Twitch could not.

The modern data stack will mature, bringing enhanced productivity to all data users.

The modern tech stack has been discussed at length - but 2022 will be all about the modern data stack, as companies strive to emulate data best practices for the digital world. The data stack has evolved alongside the tech stack, with ELT capabilities in the early days growing to encompass a cloud data warehousing layer and data governance layer, and now expanding to include advanced visualization tools and a metrics layer. Analytics techniques will be increasingly integrated into a company's DNA to gain competitive advantage - and will mark the next step of productivity for data users.

IT teams will gain a bigger seat at the table with enhanced value streams.

Despite spending billions on digital transformation, global enterprises are still struggling to deliver digital value. Why? Because pieced-together point solutions can't handle the demands of enterprise organizations. Value Stream Management (VSM) promotes the use of systems-thinking to optimize the whole - not just the parts. In 2020, the pandemic made every organization realize the need to become a digital business, and since then, the accelerated rate of change has pressured organizations to become extremely agile. Accomplishing this goal requires aligning business and development value streams to operate together with a shared mission, vision, and cadence - and the secret sauce is VSM.

In short, 2022 will be the year of the empowered developer. Comprehensive data platforms (like VSM) and augmented analytics that enable developers to manage, maintain and accelerate innovation across the business will see the largest growth and adoption in the new year, as organizations increasingly turn to the developer workforce to propel their growth in this new era of business.



Florian Schouten, VP, Product Management, Value Stream Intelligence & Platform at

Florian Schouten 

Florian Schouten is VP of Product Management, Value Stream Intelligence and Platform for, a technology company dedicated to helping Global 5000 enterprises achieve digital transformation goals. Using value stream management as its cornerstone, combines innovative technologies in agile planning, application protection, software delivery, and artificial intelligence into a unified Value Stream Platform.

Published Friday, January 28, 2022 7:32 AM by David Marshall
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