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SingleStore Joins Bytecode Alliance

WebAssembly, called Wasm for short, is the assembly-like language that was initially designed to allow code not originally written for browsers to run safely and performantly on the web. In recent years, Wasm has emerged as a powerful technology to deploy software anywhere, including browsers.

SingleStore, the database for all data-intensive applications, believes this technology is foundational and transformational. Extending the capabilities of a database by safely running code written in many languages as close to the data as possible is just one of many ways the company believes Wasm will make a big difference.

SingleStore is dedicating significant resources toward building out Wasm technology and is excited to announce its membership in the Bytecode Alliance, a vendor-neutral nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a powerful, secure, and simplified software development platform based on WebAssembly (Wasm) and WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) standards.

According to Jordan Tigani, Chief Product Officer at SingleStore, "The key change required to handle large data is to push the compute to the data. WASM allows you to move the compute inside the database, which can dramatically change how databases and analytical systems interact. It is going to open up all sorts of opportunities to simplify analytics, make them faster and more interactive, and lower TCO."

The platform that the Bytecode Alliance is committed to building will allow applications and service providers to confidently run untrusted code on any infrastructure. Through the Bytecode Alliance, SingleStore will help provide state-of-the-art foundations for Wasm where security, efficiency, modularity, and portability are our guiding principles.

Published Friday, February 04, 2022 12:19 PM by David Marshall
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