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Census Unleashes Operational Analytics With $60 Million in Funding Led by Tiger Global After Adding 100s of New Customers in 2021

Census announced a $60 million Series B round, bringing the total raised to $80.3 million. The round was led by Tiger Global with participation from Insight Partners and previous investors Sequoia and Andreessen Horowitz. 

Last year, Census added hundreds of customers around the world to its customer base including well-known brands like Canva, ClickUp, CultureAmp, DigitalOcean and Docker. Census' customers have connected thousands of applications and actively sync billions of records. Census plans to use the new funding to accelerate its growth and to scale its platform given the unprecedented demand for operational analytics.

"The promise of operational analytics is to spread data across a company, expand the scope and impact of data teams and ultimately create a central nervous system for the whole business," said Boris Jabes, co-founder and CEO of Census. "At Census, we believe that data teams should be in the critical path of every business operation." 

Tiger Global Partner John Curtius said: "We believe that data is at an inflection point. We are moving from looking at dashboards to empowering everyone in the organization to take action with the data. We couldn't be happier to back the creators of operational analytics."

Insight Partners Managing Director George Mathew said: "It's been incredible to see how many companies are adopting operational analytics and Reverse ETL. From where we stand, Databricks and Snowflake have shown that you can build seminal data businesses. We believe that as the cloud-native data warehouse is the new backend of every business; Census is the platform that empowers business users with that data wherever they need it."

Cloud Data Warehouses Won and Census Has Become the Linchpin of the Modern Data Stack
Just as DevOps revolutionized the software development lifecycle and pushed developers around the world to adopt new practices, today the cloud data warehouses are changing the way data infrastructure and organizations operate. The cloud warehouse centric era has catalyzed three changes at every company:

  • More data as every raw source is stored in the warehouse thanks to mature extract, load and transform (ELT) tools
  • More visibility into insights thanks to native warehouse transformation tools and Business Intelligence visualizations
  • More trust in analytics as visibility creates more demand from the business and create a positive QA feedback loop

All these factors in the modern data stack lead to business teams wanting more from their data. Looking at reports and dashboards is not enough. They want access to the data in their tools for CRM, marketing automation, ERP, advertising and even project management so they can automate workflows and take smarter actions. This is why hundreds of companies have adopted Census to deliver analytics into their operational tools.

Use cases that drive every business team to take actions on trustworthy data include:

  • Sales teams want product usage data in their CRM to identify upsell opportunities and develop a product led growth motion
  • Customer Success teams want to be alerted when usage drop or features get adopted to proactively engage with the accounts
  • Marketing teams want the freshest first party data to build targeted advertising audiences to show users relevant ads and move them in the customer journey
  • Product teams want to enrich their product analytics with data from sales activity or account based marketing (ABM) campaigns
  • Support teams want the full picture of how their customers use the product to solve issues faster

Customers who have embraced operational analytics and achieved remarkable success with data:

  • "Before it was like we had a bicycle and then we got upgraded to a rocket ship with Census." - Garegin Ordyan, director of analytics, Fivetran​​
  • "Census solves two problems for us. It removes the bottleneck to get integrations out of the warehouse. It also centralizes where we look for data going it's given us a lot more confidence." - Krishna Naidu, data engineer, Canva 
  • "There's a lot of data deduplication we have to do. Using Census, we're able to take all of our production data, put it into one place, and know that it's clean. Then, we can add on a bunch of statistics and values that we know are useful downstream." - Ethan Rader, senior product manager, Coalition 
  • "Rapid iteration is hard to do when you don't have data. You don't have the ability to try different things. You run the same playbook, not optimizing, not growing. With access to this data, my team can turn their ideas into action faster than ever." - Matt Carter, vice president of marketing, Docker

Census Delivers on Operational Analytics by Improving How Data and Business Teams Work Together
Census solves the impedance mismatch between data infrastructure and operational tools with its library of connectors and unparalleled debugging & logging capabilities. More broadly, the platform creates a surface through which data teams and business teams can collaborate. With operational analytics, data teams can have a direct impact on revenue and business KPIs. This means that data teams are moving from being a reactive, service-oriented team to becoming one of the highest leverage functions within business, just like product teams. 

Published Wednesday, February 09, 2022 11:02 AM by David Marshall
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