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Surfshark releases world's first Data Vulnerability Thermometer together with cybercrime encyclopedia

Surfshark introduces a free, unique online tool, which serves as a one-in-all stop for learning about cybercrimes, assessing personal risk scores in data breaches, and evaluating possible criminal outcomes. The tool is developed to accommodate individual cases, as results are displayed depending on leaked data points each user selects. The Data Vulnerability Thermometer also contains an extensive library of internet crimes with tips on preventing them and official data on the severity and rates of these crimes.

Last year alone, nearly 1 billion internet users worldwide were affected by data breaches as major platforms like Facebook, Raychat, ParkMobile, Reddoorz, and many others have been hacked. These types of attacks endanger millions of email addresses, names, telephone numbers, and other personally identifiable information.

Witnessing this problem, Surfshark developed a Data Vulnerability Thermometer combining open-source FBI information and research algorithms. The online tool gives users their personal risk score, possible specific cybercrimes, and prevention tactics depending on the data points selected.

An in-house developed methodology indicated connections between 50 data points and 20 cybercrimes. With the help of cybersecurity experts, each crime was connected with the data point combinations (from 2 to 4 data points) that can lead to the specific crime. The probability of becoming a victim of one particular cybercrime was measured by comparing the number of specific cybercrime events to the whole number of cases possible.

"The Data Sensitivity Thermometer was developed keeping in mind data breach victims, of which we've seen more and more nowadays," - says Vytautas Kaziukonis, CEO of Surfshark. "When people find out their personal information has been hacked, it often results in panic as to what's the worst that can happen. Our tool seeks to alleviate this worry by giving people answers with fact-based information and realistic probabilities regarding their specific case."

The Data Vulnerability Thermometer also contains descriptions, typology, tips and statistics of 20 different internet crime offenses aimed at individual users. This encyclopedia also has extensive coverage of statistics on trends and patterns in the field of cybercrimes. Users can check global cybercrime density statistics, their financial impact, yearly growth of cybercrime costs, victim count by age, and more.

Published Wednesday, February 09, 2022 8:57 AM by David Marshall
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