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Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform integrates with Airbiquity OTAmatic to deliver secure over-the-air updates for smart cars

Kaspersky announces it has integrated its SDK for smart car applications with the Airbiquity OTAmatic over-the-air (OTA) Software Management Platform. With this integration, developers of electronic control unit (ECU) applications based on Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform can manage the secure delivery of software updates for their applications remotely.

OTA technology allows centralized orchestration and automation of software updates and settings to multiple connected vehicle ECUs. With the rising number of smart cars, the demand for OTA update capability is increasing with OTA market growth forecasted at 19%. Additionally, while OTA technology is becoming essential for smart vehicle software developers, the security requirements for OTA are also increasing. In March 2021, the UNECE published security regulation UN R156 with a provision for software updates and software updates management systems for vehicles, which will become mandatory for all new vehicles in 2024.

The integration of Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform with Airbiquity OTAmatic meets customer needs to plan and execute OTA updates and have confidence that the technologies being used are safe and secure.

Airbiquity OTAmatic provides Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform customers with a comprehensive software management platform for software update campaigns with specific device targeting and discrete policy and privacy control. Software update management is enabled for applications in various smart car ECUs where Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform SDK can be used: telecommunications (telematics control units (TCUs), vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X) and advanced driver assistance systems and autopilot systems (ADAS/HAD) or digital cockpits.

Software update security is further ensured with the Airbiquity OTAmatic implementation of Uptane, which has been specifically designed for the automotive market. Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform contributes to OTA security with Kaspersky's multi-layered security approach and the secure-by-design KasperskyOS in its core. This design ensures the strong separation between the system's components and the control of communications among them, so any failure or deliberate interference will not affect the application.

"OTAmatic orchestrates over-the-air updates securely for all hardware and software platforms. Partnering with Kaspersky, a company synonymous with cybersecurity protection solutions, to enable OTA updates for their automotive AUTOSAR Adaptive-based software platform was a natural fit since both companies' products are specifically focused on security," said Keefe Leung, Airbiquity's Vice President of Product Management.

"It is important for car manufacturers and component suppliers to comply with emerging requirements and provide their customers with the most modern solutions in terms of functionality and, equally important in the case of the auto industry, security," said Evgeniya Ponomareva, senior business development manager for KasperskyOS Business Unit. "This is also a priority for Kaspersky, so we try to find the best solutions to meet these needs. We have chosen Airbiquity as the most suitable integration partner after analyzing many alternatives."

To learn more about the Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform, please visit the KasperskyOS website.

To learn more about the Airbiquity OTAmatic Software Management Platform, please visit the Airbiquity website.

Published Tuesday, February 15, 2022 8:28 AM by David Marshall
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