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VMRay Unveils Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities to Accelerate Threat Detection and Analysis

VMRay announced the release of new Machine Learning-based capabilities for its flagship VMRay Platform, helping enterprise security teams detect and neutralize novel malware and phishing threats. Recognized as the gold standard for advanced threat detection and analysis, the high-fidelity threat data used by VMRay to train and evaluate its Machine Learning system is both highly accurate and relevant, allowing customers to detect threats such as zero-day malware which were previously thought to be undetectable.

"To get the best out of AI, you need a carefully arranged combination of Machine Learning and other cutting-edge technologies. Because the value and efficacy of each ML utilization is dependent on how you train and evaluate the model: namely, the quality of the inputs and the expertise of the team," said Carsten Willems, co-founder and CEO of VMRay. "The data that you use to train the model and evaluate the accuracy of its predictions must be accurate, noise-free, and relevant to the task at hand. This is why Machine Learning can only add value when it's based on an already advanced technology platform with outstanding detection capabilities. Our approach is to use ML together with our best-of-breed technologies to enhance detection capabilities to perfection, by combining the best of two worlds."

Today's threat landscape is a dynamic one, evolving by the day with attacks growing in complexity, scale and stealth. Since late detection and response is among the most important problems that cause huge costs, it's more critical than ever that security teams can rapidly identify and stop these threats at the initial point of entry, before a minor incident cascades into a full-blown data breach. Whereas conventional signature and rule-based heuristics are unable to detect unknown or sophisticated threats that use advanced evasive techniques, the VMRay  Platform is able to detonate a malicious file or URL in a safe environment, observe and document the genuine behavior of the threat as the threat is unaware that it's being observed.

Four of the top five global technology enterprises, three of the "Big 4" accounting firms, and more than 50 government agencies across 17 countries today rely on VMRay to supplement their existing security solutions, automate security operations and thus, accelerate detection and response. Gartner's "Emerging Technologies: Tech Innovators in AI in Attack Detection" report asserts that the critical requirements for an AI-based attack detection solution are improved attack detection and reduced false positives. This latest, ML-enhanced version of VMRay Platform addresses these two challenges with unmatched precision, delivering the following benefits to security teams and threat analysts:

  • Improved Threat Detection: Featuring a machine learning model that improves threat detection capabilities by recognizing additional patterns, the VMRay Platform brings advanced threat detection to customers' existing security solutions and covers the blind spots. With this supplementary approach, VMRay minimizes security risks and maximizes the value that customers get from their security investment.
  • Reduced False Positives: False positives and alert fatigue continue to plague enterprise SOC teams, hampering their ability to quickly respond to genuine threats. VMRay Analyzer generates high-fidelity, noise-free reports that dramatically reduce false positives to keep teams efficient. Seamless integrations with all the major EDR, SIEM, SOAR, Email Security, and Threat Intelligence platforms enable full automation, empowering resource-strapped security teams to focus their energies on higher-value strategic initiatives.
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Published Thursday, April 14, 2022 9:40 AM by David Marshall
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