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VMblog Expert Interview with Stacklet's Travis Stanfield on New SaaS Offering Enabling Frictionless Cloud Governance at Scale


The Cloud Custodian community continues to grow and be a very active open source community for developers and operations teams focused on cloud governance. Stacklet was founded by CEO Travis Stanfield along with CTO Kapil Thangavelu the creator and lead maintainer of Cloud Custodian. We caught up with Travis recently to learn more about Stacklet's new SaaS offering that enables frictionless cloud governance at scale.

VMblog: Can you tell our readers about the creation of Stacklet and the vision for the company?

Travis Stanfield: Kapil, our CTO and I met at Capital One where he created Cloud Custodian so developers get the freedom to use cloud native tools and resources with the right guardrails in place to ensure they use infrastructure inline with best practices. We created Stacklet Platform to provide a cloud governance as code platform that accelerates how businesses manage their security, asset visibility, operations, and cost optimization policies in the cloud.

VMblog: Can you tell us a little more about Stacklet Platform and what problem you were looking to solve by creating it?

Stanfield: Organizations are accelerating the move to the cloud to ensure business continuity and innovation. However, many businesses find that governance is a key inhibitor to their cloud adoption journey.

So we created Stacklet Platform because we wanted to provide a solution to make it easy for cloud engineering and security teams to understand, codify, and automate cloud governance for rapid cloud adoption. Stacklet Platform lets teams simultaneously move fast and stay secure and optimized as they adopt public cloud services.

VMblog: You announced a new offering. Can you explain what's new that wasn't previously available with Stacklet Platform?

Stanfield: Yes, Stacklet Platform is now available as SaaS which shifts organizations to a governance as code model in as little as 30 minutes. This makes our platform even easier and more frictionless for organizations to shift to a governance as code model, allowing them to innovate securely and efficiently in the cloud at scale. Now organizations with hundreds of accounts can onboard in minutes and rapidly gain better visibility and start enforcing policy across multiple cloud platforms.Stacklet Platform takes the operational complexity and overhead of managing governance tooling and allows you to accelerate cloud adoption.

VMblog: Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Stanfield: Yes. In addition to announcing our new SaaS offering this month, we will be celebrating Cloud Governance Month this April to raise awareness about governance in the cloud and help organizations modernize their tooling and processes. We will be posting new content and resources throughout the month along with hosting several virtual events. We have a page on where we'll be posting all upcoming events, and you can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to get notified of new content.


Travis Stanfield is a Co-Founder and serves as Chief Executive Officer at Stacklet. Travis is a seasoned technology executive, bringing more than two decades of experience in leading teams towards the achievement of business and technical goals. He began his career as an engineer at Microsoft Corp and was a leader for a successful start-up venture, DealerTrack Technologies, that ultimately grew to nearly $4 billion in valuation. Travis works from his 20-acre horse farm in Central Kentucky and is frequently surprised by the equine interest shown during cloud technology related remote meetings.

Published Monday, April 18, 2022 7:36 AM by David Marshall
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