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Device42 launches new Insights+ Platform to deliver powerful, first of its kind visibility and insights across hybrid IT infrastructure

Device42 announced its new Insights+ Platform designed to help organizations gain critical IT visibility needed to manage today's growing complex IT environments. The company historically has provided advanced discovery and inventory capabilities, and today it is launching Insights+, designed to further increase operational efficiency, visibility, with access to powerful insights. Insights+ is a major next step for Device42 as they continue to empower companies with visibility to manage their IT infrastructure with confidence.

Understanding what is connected to the environment and having accurate visibility of enterprise data is getting more and more important. Lack of knowledge about what an organization actually has leads to inaccurate capital investments, prolonged problem solving, risky cloud migrations and failures in compliance and audits.

"In the last decade Device42 has delivered the deepest and widest discovery capability, from legacy technologies to the cloud and today we are taking a major leap forward in delivering insights and visuals based on new embedded automation and AI technologies, to turn all that data we collect into actionable results." Said Raj Jalan, CEO and founder of Device42. 

Insight+'s unique capabilities that include Artificial Intelligence (AI), data normalization, business building blocks and Application Dependency Mapping will help Device42 customers find issues quickly and efficiently with more access to data, insights, and reporting for quick problem solving.

Insights+ Platform introduces new capabilities and value to customer, which include:

Dashboards and Visualization

  • Renewed visibility across hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Built-in IT intelligence reports that drive actionable insights
  • The new workbench provides the ability to create custom views and analytics.

Business Building Blocks

  • New low-level objects can help aggregate data based on real business use-cases and model particular business functions.
  • Users can leverage the new visibility based on data that mimics current business operations.
  • Slice and dice data to create specific views, such as for compliance and audits.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence

  • Removes complexity and data discrepancies by using AI to normalize and categorize discovered data
  • Consistency in data improves cross-organizational communication.
  • Automation delivers increase IT operations efficiency with the most accurate and cleansed data

Analytics & Dependency Mapping

  • Fully automated interdependency mapping of application resources
  • Reliable visualization helps solve problems fast with upstream and downstream visibility
  • Users can quickly access fully automated dependency views.

"Insights+ will not only save organizations time and money because they no longer have to manually sort through their existing detailed data to gather insights, but it will uplevel what they can do with their data," said Raj Jalan. "Dashboards, better reporting, visualizations, and more will increase accessibility, refine presentation, and deliver a user-experience with next-level insights and analytics that a company can really use."

Published Friday, April 22, 2022 1:19 PM by David Marshall
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