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Nobl9 Introduces Service Level Objective Development Lifecycle

Nobl9, the service level observability company, announced Service Level Objective Development Lifecycle (SLODLC), a repeatable methodology for creating metrics that matter to service-centric organizations. Enterprises expect to adopt SLOs, and the SLODLC provides a set of practices to aid in that process. Nobl9 and the SLODLC Community are collaborating on a handbook, templates, and examples to support the use of SLOs across industries. An open source project under the Apache 2 (APLv2) license, the SLODLC Community has strong support from leading companies with early contributors including Accenture, Etsy, Ford Motor Company, Furo, IAG, Oracle, OutSystems, Realogic Solutions, Trusted Shops, and Virtusa. 

"Service Level Objectives are gaining in use in the enterprise because they provide a framework for measuring and increasing reliability while creating a clear communication channel between Dev and Ops," said Larry Carvalho, Principal Consultant, RobustCloud. "SLODLC takes this one step further by providing a solid set of shared best practices for companies in various industries to accelerate the adoption of SLOs and benefit from increased customer satisfaction and cloud cost management."

Metrics to Move Business Forward

"At Ford, our SRE practice is quickly growing alongside our increasing focus on providing the absolute best connected, always-on experiences for our customers," said Jason Greenwell, DevSecOps/SRE Manager at Ford Motor Company. "SLODLC defines the consistent and repeatable processes, standards and workflows that are critical to scaling SLO adoption in a large enterprise. Leveraging an SLO Platform such as Nobl9 takes that to the next level, providing cross-cutting visibility to the health and performance of the enterprise's software ecosystem."

"Open source projects like SLODLC and OpenSLO are great for end users - they can avoid vendor lock-in and let the best ideas and solutions win," said Jason Williamson, VP and Global Head, Oracle for Startups. OpenSLO is a related open source project that includes standardized specifications and tools for defining and managing SLOs-as-code.

Benefits of SLODLC:

  • SLOs are happening and more than 8 out of 10 companies are planning to increase their use for a repeatable process in addition to tools like Nobl9.
  • SLODLC was created to offer practical, useful, actionable, step-by-step materials, templates, and examples to aid organizations in their journey to adopt SLOs.
  • SLOs help companies better quantify user expectations, deliver technology services efficiently, and better manage the inherent tradeoffs in building a digital business.

"I work with clients at various stages of SRE transformations. 99.9% of the time I recommend that they start with SLOs. So, I loved the idea of sharing lessons learned to co-create a repeatable framework for developing SLOs," said Jason Meltzer, Head of the SRE Practice at Contino.

"Over the last few years, I've worked with a variety of teams at companies large and small to define what truly matters to their users and businesses and translate that into actionable SLOs," said Kit Merker, COO at Nobl9. "With the SLODLC, we've brought together the community wisdom of real-world practitioners, professional services providers, and reliability engineers into a practical, repeatable guide for service-centric organizational transformation."

Published Wednesday, May 11, 2022 12:08 PM by David Marshall
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