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New Relic Expands Instant Observability Ecosystem

New Relic announced that it has expanded its Instant Observability ecosystem of integrations, tools, and pre-built observability resources by nearly 20% in six months, and added enhancements to the product experience to empower every engineer to get started with observability in minutes. As part of New Relic's commitment to make observability an open, data-driven and daily engineering practice, the catalog now offers more than 470 integrations with cloud services, open source tools, and enterprise technologies, contributed and maintained by the community. This release features contributions from partners such as Akamai, Atlassian, CircleCI, Cloudflare, Netlify, PagerDuty, and Postman. Instant Observability is available as part of New Relic's generous free pricing tier to help every engineer get started without talking to sales or providing a credit card.

According to New Relic's 2021 Observability Forecast, only 26% of respondents have a mature observability practice, and the most commonly cited barriers to observability success are lack of resources (38%) and skill gaps (29%). New Relic introduced Instant Observability in October 2021 with a mission to make it easy for every engineer to get started with observability and data-driven engineering by codifying the collective experience of the world's observability experts. Since then, Instant Observability has helped tens of thousands of engineers get started with observability, reporting improvements in uptime, reliability, and operational efficiency to deliver better customer experiences that fuel innovation and growth.

"We launched Instant Observability last year with a mission to make it easy for every engineer to get started with observability in five minutes. Since then, we've seen tremendous demand from customers to add observability into every stage of the software lifecycle," said Peter Pezaris, New Relic SVP, Strategy and User Experience. "We are thrilled to continue working with an industry-leading group of partners to extend New Relic's use cases and honor our commitment to help engineers share data in context and grow observability into an open, data-driven practice for all."

The latest enhancements to Instant Observability include a new guided user onboarding interface, support for a wider range of instrumentation methods, and a richer, more connected platform experience. As a result, engineers gain the flexibility to seamlessly instrument and monitor their stack, regardless of whether their applications are running on hosts, in Docker containers, or other environments. In addition, it's even easier for engineers to get more value from their data, with connected instrumentation flows that automatically take users to the most relevant New Relic product experiences such as application management, log management, or infrastructure monitoring.

In addition to user experience improvements, Instant Observability has expanded its ecosystem of integrations to help extend the value of observability to teams who rely on many tools to monitor the health of their systems. With integrations made in partnership with leading technology companies, Instant Observability combats tool sprawl and data silos by empowering engineers with a single unified platform to monitor their entire stack, regardless of where their data comes from.

New partner quickstarts include:

  • CI/CD and DevOps platforms that allow developers to gain visibility into the performance and health of their continuous integration and deployment pipelines, APIs, and web application development workflows. With these quickstarts, users can view New Relic observability data alongside their release pipelines to help users boost release velocity and quality. Key contributors include Atlassian, CircleCIPostmanNetlifyDelphixReleaseIQ, and more.
  • Content delivery network (CDN) platforms that help engineers improve service reliability, protect customer applications, and ensure optimal online experiences for their end users. With these quickstarts, users can get faster log delivery and eliminate cloud storage middleware costs by sending data directly to New Relic. They also provide insight into key metrics around web traffic such as saved bandwidth, alerts on cyberattacks, and slow loading pages. Key contributors include CloudflareAkamai, and Fastly.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platforms that allow engineers and data scientists to send model performance telemetry data into New Relic. With these quickstarts, data and DevOps teams have one place to monitor and visualize critical signals like recall, precision, and model accuracy alongside their apps and infrastructure. Key contributors include AlgorithmiaAmazon SageMaker, Aporia, Comet, DagsHub, Mona Labs, Superwise, and Truera.

"The increasing complexity of the software ecosystem and the way in which modern teams build applications require best of breed integrations amongst developer tooling. That's why the world's best software teams use CircleCI - the largest continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform, to deliver quality code with confidence," said Tom Trahan, VP Business Development at CircleCI. "Our partnership with New Relic enables us to meet developers where they are and provide access to the health of their entire system in a single, consolidated view with powerful insights to drive organizational and operational decisions. The CircleCI quickstart gives engineers real time information on the performance of their CI/CD, allowing them to monitor and unblock critical paths to deployment."

New Relic Instant Observability is generally available to all engineers as part of the New Relic platform. Users can browse all quickstarts in New Relic Instant Observability.

Published Wednesday, May 18, 2022 2:56 PM by David Marshall
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