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Meltano Releases Version 2.0 of Its 'Open Source DataOps Platform Infrastructure,' Raises Additional Capital Extending Seed Round to $12.4 Million

With the release of version 2.0 of its popular open source DataOps platform infrastructure, Meltano announced it has raised an additional $8.2 million. This brings its total Seed Round funding to $12.4 million with plans to further extend the project's capabilities. The funding round was led by Venrock, with additional participation by Alphabet's GV, Uncorrelated Ventures, Data Tech Fund and numerous angel investors.

Meltano was launched as a spinoff of GitLab in June 2021 with financial backing from a number of notable venture capital and angel investors including GV.

Meltano's ELT (extract, load, transform) capabilities quickly attracted attention from a growing group of upstream contributors and enterprise users. The momentum behind the Meltano DataOps Platform Infrastructure underscores the market need for an open source alternative to traditional ELT solutions and other data tools that embrace software development best practices, offer a DevOps-like workflow and a wide array of integrations.

"Over the past year, Meltano has been able to demonstrate with ELT that we can integrate open source data tools and technologies and make them better than the sum of their parts, and now we're going to do the same for the rest of the data lifecycle," said Douwe Maan, Meltano founder and CEO. "Meltano has its sights set on becoming the open source foundation of every team's ideal data stack. We intend to address the complexity of today's modern data stacks-which are essentially fragile, ad-hoc mish-mashes of tools held together with duct tape-with flexible but sturdy DataOps platform infrastructure that underpins it, ties it all together and gives data teams a single place to manage their data platform as a whole. Teams deserve a stable foundation to build their stack on, one that can stay with them for years to come and enable them to try out new tools, swap out old ones or use alternatives side-by-side. That's our vision, and this funding will support our efforts to bring it to fruition."

"The way you build and manage a data infrastructure looks nothing like building and managing a software application," said Ethan Batraski, a Venrock partner. "There are no isolated environments for development and testing, code reviews, unit testing or version control. Making updates to your data infrastructure is akin to making edits directly in production, and often leads to outages, data quality issues and constant firefighting. We believe Meltano is the missing layer for building, connecting and managing the various data services that make up a modern data stack, allowing data teams to build new services similarly to how software teams build applications."

Siva Kolappa, a Data Tech Fund partner, and previously Facebook's head of data engineering, observed, "If your org needs an end-to-end, modern, open source data stack that scales, Meltano is your best bet and the fastest way to get there. Its DevOps approach to managing the modern data platform is a step in the right direction and here to stay."

***Get started and install Meltano 2.0***

New in Meltano 2.0

Version 2.0 is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release of Meltano as an end-to-end DataOps Platform Infrastructure, which features the following open source components: 

The Meltano 2.0 release also elevates MeltanoHub to be the complete resource for modern data stack components available for use with Meltano. This includes the large library of Singer connectors and data utilities like SQLFluff. Users are also able to add more plugins to the Hub and have them immediately discoverable and usable within Meltano.

Additional Highlights of Meltano 2.0 

  • Improved flexibility in how jobs and schedules are defined to take full advantage of composable pipelines via `meltano run`
  • Increased reproducibility of Meltano project builds with the addition of the Meltano lockfile
  • Explicit plugin dependency references to enable installation of multiple plugins simultaneously
  • Enhanced support for Singer plugins with the addition of Stream Map plugins to enable on-the-fly data transformations
  • Enhanced support for dbt through adapter-specific plugins 
  • Routine maintenance, bug squashing, deprecation of legacy features and elimination of technical debt

Move to GitHub

With the launch of version 2.0, the Meltano project is moving from GitLab to GitHub. The migration of code and collaboration to the GitHub platform supports the growth of the Meltano community and lowers the barrier to contribution for those already involved in other open source data projects. "GitLab is a great tool for collaboration inside companies, especially all-remote ones, and it's obviously close to our hearts since we were born there," observed Maan. "But as our growth accelerates and the community diversifies, the move to GitHub just makes sense."
Published Wednesday, June 08, 2022 8:42 AM by David Marshall
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