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Slim.AI Opens Early Access Program for Software Supply Chain Security Solution Focused on Containers

Slim.AI, at Open Source Summit in Austin, announced an early access program (EAP) for its enterprise-focused solution built to continuously analyze and optimize containers, improve container security and minimize software supply chain risk.

Interested teams can contact the Slim.AI team for early access here. Individuals attending Open Source Summit this week can visit the Slim.AI team and learn more about the program at Booth B2.

Slim.AI, founded by DockerSlim creator Kyle Quest and security industry veteran John Amaral, currently offers popular open source and free SaaS solutions for developers that help them understand, analyze and optimize containers. Slim.AI now offers a comprehensive software supply chain security solution built to help organizations continuously and automatically optimize all of the containers they run in production.

"Currently, tens of thousands of developers and teams use Slim's open source and free SaaS software to understand what's in their containers, reduce container attack surface, remove vulnerabilities and ship only the code they need," said Amaral, CEO of Slim.AI. "This announcement is an exciting step for us because we're moving from helping individual developers and small teams to a solution that enables organizations to continuously and automatically achieve these outcomes at scale. The early access program is our invitation to organizations that want to reap the benefits of our proven container optimization and software supply chain security technology as part of their DevOps workflows." 

The Slim solution imparts three important software supply chain security outcomes: deep understanding and control of the software in containers, the ability to ship only the code to production needed to run an application and automatic vulnerability removal. The benefits are lower software configuration complexity, reduced container attack surface and minimized software supply chain risk. 

The Slim.AI solution is built to integrate with a software development organization's existing container registries, CI/CD pipelines and tools so that facets of the core principles-the ‘Four Ss' - of cloud-native software supply chain security can be automated and integrated into existing workflows that deliver secure software into production. Read more about the 4Ss of software supply chain security in a blog by Amaral, at Slim.AI.

Current and planned integrations include the Jenkins, GitLab, and GitHub CI/CD platforms, as well as Docker, AWS ECR, Google GCR, GitHub, DigitalOcean and Quay registries. API-level integrations are also available to Early Access Partners. Slim's existing free SaaS developer tools are integrated with the new solution. 

"We embrace a developer-first model: we started Slim.AI by building technology tuned to the needs of individual developers and will continue to deliver developer tooling and support in our software supply chain security solutions," continued Amaral.

Published Tuesday, June 21, 2022 12:26 PM by David Marshall
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