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Loft Announces Integration with Terraform

Loft Labs, a venture-backed startup working on developer tooling and multi-tenancy solutions for Kubernetes, announced the release of the company's Terraform provider that provides DevOps teams and platform engineers with the resources to manage Loft spaces (self-service namespaces) and virtual clusters directly from Terraform.

Engineers previously needed to manually set up the configuration and integration of Loft to work with Terraform. Now, the integration is fully automated and Terraform HCL can be used to control various layers of infrastructure. In addition, engineers are able to combine the Terraform provider with other infrastructure providers, allowing them to set up both physical and virtual Kubernetes infrastructure - all managed in one place.

"Now, it's easier than ever to take advantage of our virtual Kubernetes cluster technology while controlling that from the familiar and widely-used Terraform infrastructure as code tool," said Lukas Gentele, co-founder and CEO of Loft Labs.

Loft Labs builds its enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform Loft on top of the open source vcluster project. Loft is used by large organizations to create a self-service platform for their engineering teams. When an enterprise runs Loft, their engineers can provision virtual clusters on-demand whenever they need them, either using the Loft UI (user interface), the Loft CLI (command-line interface) or even using the Kubernetes command-line tool kubectl via the custom resources provided as part of Loft.

Published Wednesday, June 29, 2022 2:33 PM by David Marshall
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