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NeuroBlade Wins Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application Award at Flash Memory Summit 2022

NeuroBlade announced that its Hardware Enhanced Query System (HEQS), the industry-first open system designed end-to-end from analytical engine to silicon for dramatically faster performance, was selected as the Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application at this week's Flash Memory Summit.

"The emerging business application of hyper compute for analytics demands linear scalability and quality of service to handle extreme performance requirements," said Jay Kramer, Chairman of the Awards Program and President of Network Storage Advisors Inc. "We are proud to recognize the NeuroBlade Hardware Enhanced Query System (HEQS) with memory acceleration architecture and a specialized I/O processor. This solution is uniquely designed to run queries at storage peak performance by processing data near-storage and is optimized to enable line rate high-bandwidth performance on NVMe drives, therefore reducing data movement and accelerating overall system throughput for data-intensive tasks."

NeuroBlade received the prestigious award for its work with CMA, a nationally recognized Healthcare and Human Services solution provider, which is building a third-generation analytics service for the healthcare sector using HEQS. The joint solution will enable CMA to leapfrog RDBMS using NVMe and software-defined storage. This eliminates 30 years' worth of feature set bloat to address the query I/O bandwidth bottleneck and accelerate data processing while reducing the data center footprint.

"We are honored that our HEQS solution has received this industry recognition as it reinforces our commitment to providing organizations across industry sectors with the means to deliver optimal query performance by processing data near-storage," said Elad Sity, CEO and co-founder of NeuroBlade.

"Thus far, Healthcare administrators, payors, and providers trying to analyze billions of claims generated annually have been unable to do so cost-effectively due to the complexities involved in managing this at scale. As healthcare claims data is growing 10x, there is a growing need for enhanced analysis to help deliver value-based care," added Ken Romanski, President of CMA.

Existing system architectures show that the constant shuffling of data between storage, memory, and central processing is the primary cause of poor application performance and slow response times. NeuroBlade recognized that current software-only approaches and architectures couldn't scale to meet future data analytics needs, which led it to build the computational architecture that eliminates the data movement requirements and massively speeds up data analytics performance.

"US healthcare data volume is exploding with billions of claims that are required to be stored and accessed for analytics by the healthcare ecosystem," continued Kramer. "It was impressive to see the NeuroBlade Hardware Enhanced Query System (HEQS) adding significant speed and productivity to CMA and their leading-edge solutions for data-intensive tasks required to be completed by healthcare administrators, payors, and providers handling dramatically larger claim loads."

With HEQS, NeuroBlade is ushering in the era of hyper compute for analytics to deliver solutions that bridge the analysis gap and break down the technical boundaries that limit real-time analytics performance.

"By overcoming this sizeable gap where not all data can be adequately analyzed, NeuroBlade's fully optimized HEQS enables line-rate performance on NVMe drivers at high bandwidth. The joint solution of CMA and NeuroBlade will greatly improve value to healthcare providers that will result in them being able to deliver more effective patient care based on optimized data analysis," said Brian Dougherty, CTO of CMA.

Published Thursday, August 04, 2022 12:33 PM by David Marshall
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