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Auguron launches revolutionary web3 encrypted private cloud storage app focused on data security

Auguron Systems has announced the release of the first consumer private cloud storage service running on IPFS. The cloud provider uses end-to-end encryption to encrypt data and store sensitive information in secure vaults built atop the decentralized network.

40% of organizations have experienced a cloud-based data security breach* in the last 12 months. Given that one in five organizations host their most sensitive data in the cloud*, the need for data security, especially in increasingly remote work environments, is greater than ever. 

"We are bringing the decentralized web one step closer to reality by simplifying the developer-friendly IPFS network for the everyday user. While a wonder for developers, we feel it has a prominent place among consumer file storage to bring autonomy, verifiability, and privacy to users' data," said Sam Tarantino, CEO of Auguron.

"The need to protect data in cloud computing and cloud storage is greater than ever. We aim to help make digital information in cloud storage safer from security threats on corporate networks, mobile devices, and storage devices."

The secure cloud storage service uses industry-standard encryption algorithms, private encryption keys, and a seed phrase to encrypt sensitive data and store them on the decentralized web. Only the users with their generated seed phrase can access their secure data with their private key ensuring password-based data breaches of sensitive information from security threats become a thing of the past. Additionally, shared vaults generate an additional seed phrase which acts as a decryption key for other users shared on the vault making accessing data on user devices very simple.

This type of data encryption, generating cryptographic keys, has become the industry best practice to secure an organization's data to prevent a data breach. This minimizes phishing attacks, weak passwords, and insider threats as this method already secures the most sensitive data on the internet, such as passwords and crypto wallets.
Published Tuesday, August 09, 2022 10:03 AM by David Marshall
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