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JumpCloud Password Manager Makes Secure Access Easier

JumpCloud Inc. announced the launch of JumpCloud Password Manager. This new product gives IT admins and managed service providers (MSPs) better controls, and enables users to easily manage passwords and collaborate across multiple users and groups without compromising security. With JumpCloud Password Manager, IT admins and MSPs can rest assured that all users can securely access critical resources, while reducing the overhead of forgotten passwords, security risks, and lockouts. 

JumpCloud Password Manager relies on a decentralized architecture that is a hybrid between a cloud-based password manager and an offline password manager. This approach minimizes security risk by keeping credentials stored locally on user devices and by syncing vaults between devices through JumpCloud servers in an end-to-end encrypted way. By eliminating the need for users to create, manage, and remember master passwords, JumpCloud Password Manager secures against targeted attacks that aim to steal master passwords to access user credentials stored in traditional cloud-based password managers.

With the release of JumpCloud Password Manager, JumpCloud is unifying another critical component of the IT stack. This further delivers on the company's vision for a complete Open Directory Platform that gives IT teams and MSPs a single pane of glass to securely manage identities, devices, and access. Using the password management capabilities, teams can improve their security posture by eliminating the human factor from password management. Additionally, the release builds on the technology and intellectual property JumpCloud acquired with its purchase of MYKI in February of this year.

"It is exciting to see MYKI technology incorporated so quickly into the JumpCloud platform. This is a testament to the strength of the MYKI tech portfolio and innovation, and a great example of teamwork across development teams in many countries and states," said Antoine Jebara, co-founder, MYKI and general manager of MSP products, JumpCloud.

JumpCloud Password Manager is an excellent option for organizations where single sign-on (SSO) is either not deployed or not a complete solution. MSPs in particular are often challenged to provide access for legacy applications that cannot be accessed through SSO. When SSO is not an option, JumpCloud Password Manager is an ideal solution to deliver secure and comprehensive access management. As infrastructure and IT capacity matures, customers can easily complement JumpCloud Password Manager with JumpCloud SSO. 

With JumpCloud Password Manager, in-house IT teams and MSPs can:

  • Unify access management from a single admin console: Manage SSO, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and password-based authentication across the organization from the JumpCloud admin console.
  • Increase visibility over user access across the organization: Augment the admin capabilities by clearly identifying who has access to what accounts.
  • Improve insight into weak credentials: Equip team members with the ability to identify and avoid using weak and reused credentials.
  • Collaborate securely: Enable users to share passwords, two-factor authentication (2FAs), payment cards, and other types of secrets in a secure and auditable manner. 

Try JumpCloud Password Manager Now

JumpCloud Password Manager is available in Early Access now and will go into General Availability later in the fourth calendar quarter of this year.
Published Monday, September 12, 2022 10:23 AM by David Marshall
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