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Cockroach Labs Defines its Vision for the Serverless Database at RoachFest 2022

Cockroach Labs announced the general availability of its serverless database. Cockroach Labs built CockroachDB serverless to help teams accelerate their software design cycle from prototype to production, eliminate operational overhead, and always ensure the right capacity-without overspending. In addition, the company released its migration tool CockroachDB Molt and integrations with Vercel, HashiCorp Vault, and Hashicorp Terraform. These updates reflect Cockroach Labs' deep commitment to helping developers build and scale world-class applications.

Today's engineering teams must deploy new products and features as quickly as possible while maintaining operational efficiency and high reliability, but complexity in the database can cause painful operations, overly complex development workflows, and unnecessary downtime. Cockroach Labs built CockroachDB to free teams from legacy relational databases and reduce operational overhead so they can spend more time innovating. CockroachDB serverless is the next iteration of that vision.

"We're running our gaming discovery and community site on CockroachDB serverless. The product has helped us get our apps up and running quicker since there's no server to provision, nothing to install, and no replication to configure. We also don't have to worry about cluster maintenance or scaling, which traditionally are major operational concerns," said Jonathan Kennell, co-founder and CTO of Rainmaker Games. "CockroachDB serverless enables us to focus on building a platform that empowers gamers to play and invest smarter by eliminating the manual and operational headaches that come with a traditional database."

CockroachDB serverless is an on-demand relational database that combines a PostgreSQL interface with consumption-based elastic scaling and pricing. Customers using CockroachDB serverless:

  • Eliminate operational overhead: Reduce daily database operations to near-zero. Never suffer unexpected charges on your bill by setting monthly spend limits. Save time by automating management, maintenance, scale, and high availability.
  • Always have the right capacity without overspending: Automatically handle spikes in demand without bottlenecks, and scale back down to reduce spend.
  • Maximize velocity, from prototype to production: Build faster with an instant start and developer-first capabilities including a CLI, a rich ecosystem of PostgreSQL ORMs and drivers, and no-downtime schema changes.

Reflecting the growing demand from many organizations to migrate off legacy databases, the company released CockroachDB Molt. Named after the process of new growth in an insect's life cycle, the toolset drastically simplifies the end-to-end migration lifecycle. The toolset is now available in preview, and lets users migrate with fewer roadblocks and better reliability, including a new schema conversion tool that identifies and fixes incompatibilities between the source database and CockroachDB.

Integrations with Vercel, Vault, and Terraform

  • Vercel (Preview): The Vercel integration helps developers build and deploy web applications with a relational database that eliminates configuration, management or maintenance.
  • Vault by HashiCorp: This integration will enable developers to centralize, standardize and automate database credential and encryption keys security with HashiCorp Vault's Dynamic Secrets for CockroachDB.
  • Terraform by HashiCorp (Preview): The Terraform integration easily provisions CockroachDB Dedicated & Serverless in the cloud with Terraform Provider. With automated and repeatable workflow for database provisioning, DevOps teams can seamlessly deploy applications. 

"We envision a world where your data-intensive applications effortlessly and securely serve millions of customers anywhere on the planet, with the exact right capacity for that moment - all enabled by a simple SQL API in the cloud," said Nate Stewart, chief product officer at Cockroach Labs. "We're a step closer to that vision now that CockroachDB Serverless is generally available. We've also released a new migration toolset and formed critical partnerships to help customers with existing applications take full advantage of CockroachDB."

CockroachDB serverless includes a forever-free tier of up to 5GB of storage and 250M RUs per month is accessible for all developers. Get started, begin prototyping, and build applications without a credit card here:
Published Wednesday, September 21, 2022 10:22 AM by David Marshall
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