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InfluxData Announces New Platform Enhancements at InfluxDays 2022

Today, InfluxData announced significant product enhancements at InfluxDays 2022, its annual developer and community event. New features including InfluxDB Script Editor, Telegraf Custom Builder, and Flux 1.0 support developers working with time series data, allowing them to do more with less code.
InfluxData CEO Evan Kaplan and other company leaders will kick off InfluxDays 2022 with a broadcast showcasing how InfluxDB is providing developers the ability to solve problems with time series data at a massive scale. InfluxData Founder and CTO Paul Dix will also present on the journey and roadmap of InfluxDB, with a technical deep-dive on InfluxDB IOx, the platform's new storage engine, which delivers significant improvements in performance and usability. The keynotes begin at 8:00 a.m. PT. Watch the Day 1 and Day 2 live stream here.
"At InfluxData, we strive to deliver as many options as possible to make the experience of building applications with time series data fast and efficient for every use case," said Rick Spencer, Vice President of Products, InfluxData. "These new capabilities support developers at every stage of building, helping them develop applications better and faster. Time to Awesome is critical for developers - the sooner we help the developer get underway with InfluxDB, the sooner they can move onto larger problem solving within their project."
New features from InfluxData accelerate application building with more capabilities and less code:

  • Script Editor improves the query experience in InfluxDB Cloud with an intuitive interface and workflows so developers can uncover faster insights from their data. Script Editor delivers multi-language support and includes an integrated schema browser to contextualize data, automatic script creation, and script management for fast storage and retrieval without the need to rerun queries.
  • Flux 1.0 improves collaboration, sharing, and flexibility in Flux, InfluxData's open source data scripting language. Flux 1.0 now includes capabilities that allow users to easily share and repurpose queries so users can do more with less effort. Flux 1.0 also includes Flux Editions, which allow developers to opt-in to new Flux features without breaking changes, further ensuring stability, longevity, and granular control.
  • Telegraf Custom Builder enables footprint reduction of Telegraf, InfluxData's open source data collection agent. With a simple, low code interface, Custom Builder lets developers build a customized Telegraf binary for their needs, including lightweight and limited plug-in builds for resource-constrained edge and IoT devices.
"Pantacor provides lifecycle management for embedded Linux devices, a segment of industry that consistently requires fast data collection with a small footprint," said Alexander Sack, Co-Founder, Pantacor. "We've partnered with InfluxData to create a custom build of Telegraf that works across our embedded devices ecosystem. From WiFi routers, home appliances and robotics applications, Telegraf Custom Builder allows us to reduce Telegraf's binary significantly, opening the door for us to derive real-time insights from nearly any IoT device."
"InfluxData has created the best foundation to ingest, monitor, and visualize time series data, and these new features bring the possibilities to a whole new level," said Jorge de la Cruz, Senior Analyst, Veeam Software. "With InfluxDB, Telegraf, and Flux, InfluxData delivers an impressive level of freedom to self-develop and create an individualized and customizable experience for individual builders."

Published Wednesday, November 02, 2022 9:20 AM by David Marshall
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