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Boost your Business Productivity in 2022 with Microsoft 365


Are you looking for tools that increase the efficiency and productivity of your business? The conventional methods depend on the paper-based model, which delays the growth of different companies and organizations.

For example, banks and financial institutions maintain paper-based documents for storing customers' details like contact numbers, addresses, bank account numbers, inquiries about financial services, and more.

On the contrary, they face difficulties and challenges when extracting the required customer financial details to successfully deliver multiple banking operations like home loans and insurance plans.

In addition, they experience complexities while maintaining customer records for a long time in a huge pile of paper-based documents.

Similarly, businesses in different sectors face the same challenges and seek practical solutions.

In this regard, Microsoft has launched the office productivity tools supporting paperless documentation models with Microsoft 365 applications suite.

Besides, the cloud-computing services from Microsoft offer benefits to numerous organizations with the centralized file storage platform, which indirectly enhances the productivity of employees and businesses.

For instance, according to Statista report, it revealed that there are 8,79,851 companies in the United States have utilized Office 365 and achieve higher productivity in multiple business operations. 

To successfully integrate necessary functions and features into your business, you can have a detailed discussion with the company that will provide customized Microsoft 365 consulting services according to your niche needs.

Now, let's move on to how Microsoft 365 and its numerous applications improve the productivity of employees and organizations altogether.

What Productivity Apps are available in Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 offers various productivity tools with its application suites like OneNote, Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Therefore, businesses can increase efficiency and results by utilizing these applications and tools in daily tasks. In this manner, they can measure the productivity score of crucial operations with Microsoft 365 applications.

Powerful Ways to use Microsoft 365 to Boost Business Productivity

What Productivity Apps are available in Microsoft Office 365?


A.     M365 supports cross-platform access

  • There are different Microsoft 365 services and plans specific to various businesses and organizations.
  • Indeed, these different applications allow customers to access or use Office 365 services and productivity tools across multiple devices.
  • For example, an organization has subscribed to the licensed Microsoft 365 suite, which provides application access on five different gadgets.
  • In this way, they can synchronize licenses to a maximum of up to five devices, such as PCs, laptops, and smartphones working on different operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows-based on their preferences.
  • Therefore, the manager can participate in and conduct video conferences while sitting on a sofa in a room.
  • In addition, executives and chief officers can edit and make an entire presentation for a meeting on their tablet while commuting on a plane to another destination.
  • Moreover, remote workers can utilize office 365 services like Outlook and Exchange Online to check emails while sitting at their favourite coffee bar.
  • So, the cross-platform access and support of different office productivity tools from the Microsoft 365 suite help improve work quality and efficiency. 

B.     Always utilize the latest versions of applications

When you opt for Office 365 subscription, you will benefit from the regular and latest updates on valuable functions and features.

In addition, Microsoft 365 offers businesses or organizations all the older applications like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote with advanced functionalities.

For instance, businesses can take advantage of the latest SharePoint functions, where they can manage content and documents effectively.

Also, team members will efficiently share files, documents, content, and project ideas for instant real-time collaboration.

So, an organization can save productive time while discussing innovative ideas with each employee separately and focus more on the priority tasks.

C.     Microsoft Teams offers seamless and instant communication

  • Effective communication is vital in normal task execution for businesses and multinational companies. 
  • However, without communicating appropriately may mislead team members to execute the task in different order compared to the desired way. 
  • For instance, Microsoft Teams offers businesses a centralized communication platform to organizations for seamless and errorless task execution. 
  • Besides, it offers instant messaging services, chat, voice calls, video-conferencing, and many more functions to discuss innovative business ideas.
  • In addition, the executives can schedule meetings using calendars and inform the team members from any geographical location. 
  • In this manner, it can help boost the confidence and performance of remote workers.

D.    Experience secure cloud storage with Microsoft OneDrive

In the past years, companies have used physical on-site servers and data storage devices and made several contacts with hosts operating in different locations.

In addition, employees used USB flash drives, floppy disks, compact disks, and portable hard drives to store crucial business information.

Due to the digital revolution, businesses took advantage of Microsoft office 365 consulting services, which offer them the necessary productivity tools that simplify document storage solutions.

For example, Microsoft offers OneDrive, a secure cloud storage platform where employees and team members can store valuable files and documents for a long time and share them internally or with customers.

However, this cloud hosting service provides instant and round-the-clock access to valuable business projects, emails, and documents.

In this manner, businesses can offer more functions to customers and receive improved work quality by completing several projects within the deadline.

E.     Connect socially with employees through Microsoft Yammer

  • Multiple businesses believe that social connections among employees and team members can inform them about the organization's latest activities.
  • To resolve this issue, Microsoft introduces Yammer to businesses, which will help them create a private social network within the organization and connect the workforce socially.
  • According to the research, it is proven that the intense social connection and bonding between team members enhance productivity and employee engagement.
  • For instance, employees will get regular updates regarding the organization's activities, events, and other social news, which boosts their confidence level and delivers excellent work quality.

F.     Get unlimited storage space for files and mailboxes with Microsoft Outlook  

Previously, organizations utilized traditional email methods with limited storage space for document attachments, files, and emails.

However, organizations must communicate professionally through emails to discuss business ideas.

Employees sometimes want to share large files and documents related to crucial tasks and projects. But they find it difficult to share these files and records as an attachment through the conventional email system.

For this reason, Microsoft offers an instant solution with Outlook, which is preloaded with the latest and advanced functions of unlimited email and file storage services through cloud servers.

However, corporate companies and organizations will get online Exchange email storage space of 50 GB and one TB storage for crucial file sharing and management.

In addition, employees will utilize the advanced functions of mailbox storage offered by Microsoft 365 services and create a backup of important emails and files to the cloud and access them whenever required.

G.     Utilize Professional intranet and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint

  • There are some situations when businesses must manage projects in the personal or private central collaborative environment. 
  • It is because they want to automate repetitive and time-consuming business operations to boost the productivity and efficiency of the employees and team members. 
  • For this purpose, the technology giant Microsoft introduced SharePoint, which offers businesses a centralized collaboration platform. 
  • Also, the employees will get the latest version of SharePoint with Office 365 services. 
  • The team members become confident while utilizing SharePoint latest functions and work together on the same project. 
  • For instance, they can plan, schedule, monitor, participate in events and execute projects through calendars and task lists.
  • Finally, the organization will use the latest SharePoint functions to automate the monotonous, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks that save employees' productive time.
  • In this manner, the work efficiency, performance, quality, and productivity of business get improved through SharePoint services.

H.    Shortcut keys in Outlook save employee's productive time

Employees and team members in an organization find it time-consuming to draft an email. To resolve this issue, they are searching for the shortcut key combination in accessing and crafting emails with Outlook, saving their productive time.

However, there are various primary shortcut combination keys for executing general and basic email operations.

For example, the key combination (Alt + R) is used to reply to all in email, (Alt + S) to send an email, (Alt + W) to forward an email, and (Ctrl + R) to reply to an email.

So, the team members can increase their productivity and efficiency during email communication for crucial task execution.

Supercharge Your Organization Productivity Levels with Microsoft 365

The latest technological innovation leads to numerous tools that enhance businesses' efficiency, performance, productivity, and growth.

In this regard, the popular technology leader, Microsoft, introduces a suite of productivity tools that converts complex documentation and file storage business tasks easier.

In contrast, these suites of applications that enhance employees' collaboration and efficiency are better than the conventional time-consuming techniques.

Suppose you want to boost the efficiency and performance of several business tasks and operations. For this purpose, you can directly approach a certified company that offers convenient Microsoft 365 consulting services.

Finally, businesses can utilize the specific application from the Microsoft 365 suite to maximize the confidence level of the workforce with a productivity boost.



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