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VMware Explore 2022 Barcelona Review

VMware's annual event Explore (formerly known as VMworld) is back! Due to the pandemic constraints of Covid-19, VMware's popular global event has been held fully digital the last 2 years as an online event. In 2022 VMware brought this event back to life under the name VMware Explore. As it was before back in 2019, the beautiful city Barcelona is the host of this long-awaited in-house exhibition of VMware. Four days, from the 7th - 10th of November the time had finally come and thousands of visitors, a mix of customers, partners, vendors and sponsors participated the VMware Explore 2022 in Barcelona - Fira Gran Via.


After the arrival in Barcelona at the Fira Gran Via, many visitors are spoilt for choice. Many interesting sessions, from VMware's in-house products are held and open to participate. Whether you are beginner or advanced, there is a suitable choice for everyone! VMware also offered Hands-on Labs tours, Expert-led Workshops and VMware Odyssey for those who wanted to practice their knowledge.


We were scheduled for the VMware Certified Instructure Forum, a session to learn the upcoming developments and changes for instructors. Knowledge transfer and retrospectives of the past years experiences being a VMware instructor were also part of this event, which was very fruitful and informative. It is also known that not everyone can make it to the first day. Nevertheless, everyone was so excited and full of engagement! 



The second day was the official start of the main conference and kick-off for the solution keynotes and breakout sessions. Its content was about talking and discussing the VMwares last and upcoming developments & challenges. The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, which brought to many of us a type of uncertainty was also part of the keynote session, even if this topic was briefly mentioned. Through VMware's CEO Rhagu Raghurams and CTO Kit Colberts speech, the mixed feelings were inhibited.

Part of the chief executive's speech were the new innovations of VMware. Innovations like vSphere 8, vSAN 8 and ARIA were introduced and are already available. One of the key features of vSphere 8 is the so called "vSphere Distributed Services Engine". This feature allows to swap the core functions of VMwares hypervisor, ESXi, vCenter and NSX Data into the Data Processing Unit (DPU), which not only improve the performance, it also simplifies the management and enhance the security. Big vendors are involved in the change of vSphere's architecture, especially Lenovo and NVIDIA as partners of VMware have been mentioned to provide the suitable hardwares to support the new capabilities of vSphere.

For customers, VMware announced a new strategical step named "Cloud Smart".  With this approach VMware wants to make the development and maintenance of cloud-native applications more favorable.

As a VMware explorer, "The Expo" is a place for everyone! There you can find many of vendors and sponsors to explore. Many exhibitors took part of this event from the 8th - 10th of November. Interacting and meeting the people from around the world is one of the most valuable experiences of this event. 

Of course, everything has an end, but VMware made it through the party on the last day to an unforgettable evening! VMware invited the popular Scottish music band "Simple Minds". Even if the band is not well known for the young generation, they delivered a great show!


Despite the absence of the VMware annual in-person conference the last 2 years: VMware Explore is back as if has never gone! Over 9,000 customers and partners attended the great event in Barcelona and the vibes were outstanding as before the pandemic!




Mustafa Radha Jassim is an IT-Instructor & -Consultant for the Söldner Consult GmbH in Germany. Main focuses are on EUC & security products like Workspace ONE and Carbon Black. 

Mustafa is an instructor: VCI, MCT (Azure) and CEH.

Published Monday, November 21, 2022 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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