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Titaniam, Anti-Ransomware And Cyber Immunity Platform, Now Available To Transform Developer-Led Security

Titaniam, Inc. announced updates to its full Titaniam Suite of products that allow developers to programmatically apply cutting-edge data security controls directly to data during the application development process.  

"Developer-led data security is a relatively new concept, and thus far, all attempts at providing toolkits have fallen far short of addressing real and practical use cases in the enterprise," said Arti Raman, CEO & Founder of Titaniam. "At Titaniam, we realize that a truly valuable developer-led data security solution would enable developers to add a full spectrum of data security techniques to greenfield or existing applications and across a typically heterogeneous enterprise architecture. In such scenarios, a single use case could span multiple platforms housed on multiple clouds, where a given piece of data might need to be secured differently as it journeys through its lifecycle. In addition to easily powering simple developer-driven data security scenarios, Titaniam's announcement makes real and complex enterprise use cases a reality."

Titaniam has already established itself as a trailblazer in the enterprise data security domain by providing highly versatile encryption-in-use along with all nine traditional data security techniques in a single solution. Today's announcement adds to Titaniam's existing data security toolbox which works with legacy, new and cloud architectures. 

With Titaniam in place, enterprises can retain strong encryption on their data while still supporting full-featured search and analytics, including full-text search, fuzzy search, and other complex analytics. Once encrypted processing is complete, Titaniam provides the option to present data in any privacy-preserving format that is needed. These include traditional and format-preserving encryption, vaulted and vaultless tokenization, whole and partial masking, redaction, and a number of anonymization and de-identification techniques. Data security can be applied at a granular level to both structured as well as unstructured data across clouds, on-prem and hybrid architectures. Titaniam's capabilities have thus far been available as a suite of modules spanning a stand-alone encrypted analytic data vault, a plugin for extensible data platforms, a proxy for unstructured data file shares and object stores, a stand-alone translation service, and a studio to manage the platform and all deployed modules.  

"Today's announcement means that the entire set of rich data security capabilities that we have built thus far can now be called by developers via API, and baked right into enterprise applications from the beginning," said Karthik Mariappan, VP of Engineering, Titaniam. "Developers can select from the industry's richest menu of data security features that can make their applications immune to cyberattacks, privacy breaches, and insider-led data compromise from the get-go."

Titaniam's rich developer-led data security offering has already been implemented in a number of enterprises with tremendous success. One example is Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR solution where Titaniam has been added via its data security service, to ensure that sensitive SOAR data remains encrypted in the back end, is released via privacy-preserving formats to the UI, supports playbook functionality, and is decrypted for specific incidents temporarily, and only for designated roles. The addition of data security in this way has made security and privacy-focused XSOAR use cases easily possible. 

Cybersecurity startup, Lineaje, is looking to build data security into its offering right from inception itself. "Titaniam arms our developers with all the data security functionality they could ever need and does so via standard REST APIs, said Javed Hasan, CEO, Lineaje. "With Titaniam our teams are able to implement brand new capabilities such as encrypted search and analytics, as well as traditional data security techniques such as tokenization and masking, with confidence and ease. Titaniam offers unprecedented data security and architectural versatility."

Titaniam provides developers with the ability to program in the strength of traditional encryption and tokenization while removing the traditional challenges around performance and rich data usability, thus allowing security to work well in the fast-paced DevOps world, and simplifying the process for developers.

In addition to being orders of magnitude faster than its closest competitors and providing greater coverage at a fraction of the cost, Titaniam enables developers to build data security into use cases that can span applications, clouds and even go across enterprises, making TItaniam one of the most sensible solutions at the disposal of developers.  

Published Thursday, December 01, 2022 3:51 PM by David Marshall
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