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Scality 2023 Predictions: Security will dominate all things IT, including data storage


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Security will dominate all things IT, including data storage

By Paul Speciale, CMO, Scality

Prognostication is tricky business, of course, since no one knows exactly what lies ahead. Yet the past is often prologue - and for that we should be both grateful, and cautious. In 2022 the data storage industry evolved to embrace advances in AI/ML, hybrid clouds and edge computing that enabled greater data sovereignty and flexibility. In 2023, the pace will accelerate so IT teams will obtain long-promised features that deliver a significant uptick in efficiency.

Security will be the top buying criterion for data storage

Storage projects will continue to hit roadblocks in 2023 due to supply chain problems and economic difficulties - unless they can demonstrate a clear return on investment for ransomware defense efforts. Storage solutions that have the intelligence to close the existing gaps in rapid business recoverability, multi-level security and data immutability ransomware protection will get their chance to shine as a result. Additionally, AI-based anomaly-detection solutions that can identify ransomware attacks will enjoy increased adoption.

The rise of robust integration of Managed Cloud Services and Object Storage

For improved monitoring, reporting, performance acceleration and ideal data placement, solution providers will offer their own expanded storage APIs. Leading object storage providers will take advantage of this to provide mid-market and enterprise customers even more ROI-driven big data analytics, data security (backup and ransomware protection) and AI/ML solutions. Additionally, as customers like cloud-like storage services but prefer to use them from the convenience of their own data center infrastructure, there will be a jump in partnerships between big OEMs or Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and object storage vendors to provide fully integrated, private-cloud S3 Storage-as-a-Service offerings.

Greater green storage innovation due to the recession

A prolonged economic crisis and growing climate awareness are co-occurring. Due to these converging factors, businesses will re-allocate their IT budget toward products that can lower operational costs and provide a return on investment (ROI) through lower power usage. The Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA) Green Storage Initiative, which seeks to establish standards for larger data storage systems' reduced power usage, is evidence that the data storage industry has previously focused on this topic. Vendor products will feature innovations that lower power consumption through clever resource management and application of the most recent low-power and high-storage-density platforms. These new products will lead to demonstrable power and cooling usage savings to lessen the environmental impact of storage.

Watch for smarter unstructured search

The trillions of unstructured data objects that customers have collected in object storage solutions require intelligent data search techniques to maximize data analytics and mining. While many search tools and services were introduced by cloud suppliers like Amazon and others in 2022, there is still a need for intelligence that enables the crucial "aha!" moment to occur much more quickly.

We think vendors in 2023 will integrate search and query capabilities with standard access techniques while still ensuring enterprise-class security and auditing. This will mark the maturation of unstructured data storage solutions. This will have the dual benefits of streamlining application development and enabling object storage resources to act as the sole means of storing and retrieving unstructured data.

Slower open source adoption due to software supply chain attacks

The prevalence of malware and ransomware has grown to the point where incursions happen on average every few minutes throughout the world, costing organizations millions of dollars each time and wasting countless IT resources. As seen by previous high-profile breaches, we know what compromised security in commercial software solutions looks like. The challenge posed by open source will grow, forcing businesses to more thoroughly examine and vet these technologies before implementing them at scale.

In the present economic climate of higher costs and geopolitical uncertainty, data storage solutions will need to evolve to meet many challenges, including those that may be unforeseen. Despite data security threats that won't abate, 2023 will bring new intelligent features, innovation, and integration that present new hope for data center efficiency and effectiveness. 




Paul Speciale, chief marketing officer at Scality, leads the firm's global marketing organization across both product and corporate marketing. Paul's experience spans 20+ years of industry experience in both Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM and Oracle. as well as several successful startups.

Published Thursday, December 15, 2022 10:00 AM by David Marshall
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