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ZEDEDA 2023 Predictions: Top Developments That Will Shape the Edge Computing Industry in 2023


Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2023.  Read them in this 15th annual series exclusive.

Top Developments That Will Shape the Edge Computing Industry in 2023

By Michael Maxey, VP of business development for ZEDEDA

With some of the most notable minds on Wall Street giving a bleak prognosis of the economy in the year ahead and continuing to worry that inflation is eroding everything, business leaders are bracing for rough times in 2023.

To manage their way through an uncertain economy, companies will put more scrutiny on every part of the business, including the millions of dollars spent each year on research and development. While spending on edge computing is still expected to grow, executives are eager to see real-world applications of projects that, up until now, have thrived in laboratories. For edge computing professionals, 2023 is the time to get real.

While there are opportunities ahead to demonstrate the value of edge computing, it may not be easy, and companies shouldn't falter even if some prominent projects fail. Leaders should continue to search for affordable ways to deploy software in the field that delivers actionable data. Rather than custom software solutions, more businesses are starting to embrace the idea of using commodity hardware and running multiple applications on a single device.

More Cloud Apps Will Find Their Way to the Edge

Technology veterans who watched (or lived through) the "lift-and-shift" to the cloud are now considering whether that same approach will work for the edge. And while a few smaller, nimble companies might be able to get away with running everything on a container, that strategy isn't possible for most companies with decades of infrastructure investment.

Instead, there's an increasing convergence of old and new technologies at the edge. As companies seek to modernize their operations, they find that a mix of legacy systems and cutting-edge technologies is critical for success. To make that mix work, more cloud apps will have to find a path to the edge. By pushing data and compute to the edge of the network, companies will be able to save on massive upload charges and begin to make edge projects a business success.

Security at the Edge Will Become a Major Factor

The proliferation of devices at the edge and the lack of established security protocols will almost certainly create potential vulnerabilities for a major company in 2023. Managing that risk will require careful planning and investment to ensure that these systems are secure and reliable.

Over the past 10 years, we've been trained to think about security in terms of a network. Everything runs in a data center with armed guards out front, preventing anyone from tampering with what's inside. Today, however, devices that run on the edge might be stored under a retail counter, where it's easily accessible for tampering or theft, or even just a random store clerk plugging their phone in to charge. The security stack you have to cover when you deploy to the edge is much broader, so there are a lot of components that will need renewed attention.

Even if the near future doesn't appear rosy, there remains a tremendous opportunity to leverage edge computing for business success. I'm convinced the edge will transform industries and force lagging companies to innovate faster. It's the difference between a $20,000 operation to send technicians in a truck to a remote location to reboot a system versus three clicks in a dashboard. Getting to that point won't be easy, but the time to begin is now. It's time for the edge to get real.




Michael Maxey serves as VP of business development for ZEDEDA. Throughout his career, he has built products and partnerships across open source software, cloud computing, application development, security, and data markets.

Published Tuesday, December 27, 2022 7:39 AM by David Marshall
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