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Forrester's Total Economic Impact report on Digibee details the business benefits and cost savings enterprises can realize from implementing an eiPaaS

Digibee announced the availability of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Digibee that demonstrates the real-world value of the Digibee enterprise integration as a service platform (iPaaS): Digibee Download: Digibee's Total Economic Impact - Forrester.

To ensure no bias in the responses gathered, Digibee partnered with Forrester Consulting, a neutral third party, and gave the research and advisory company open access to clients to collect feedback and analyze how they've done and how they're doing. The report explores what motivates organizations to implement the Digibee iPaaS, as well as the benefits they realize once the technology is in place.

To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed five representatives with experience using Digibee. The report reveals that Digibee customers can achieve a faster time to market, with shorter work cycles that drive incremental revenue, and to do faster work with fewer resources.

According to the report's executive summary, "Digibee's enterprise integration platform makes developers and supporting IT professionals more productive in building and maintaining integrations. The low-code platform allows junior developers to do the work previously relegated to senior developers. This streamlines and reduces the cost of the entire development process and, along with Digibee's enablement delivery model, sets up customers to adopt an eiPaaS autonomously and with ease."


Forrester followed its proprietary Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology to produce a detailed, insightful report that examines the key challenges and pain points Digibee customers faced before implementing Digibee versus the business efficiencies they leverage with Digibee today. The TEI framework and methodology has been employed in studies with thousands of leading companies for more than two decades.

Digibee provides a low-code, cloud-native enterprise integration platform as a service (eiPaaS) that connects business applications and systems. It helps organizations automate workflows and transform business processes. The Digibee platform includes a visual drag-and-drop interface, supports reusability, and integrated monitoring and reporting. It manages the complexity of systems integration in an agile, simple, and efficient way.

Customer challenges prior to using Digibee

Prior to using the Digibee platform, organizations built integrations with point-to-point solutions by writing custom code to connect applications. They typically used Java as their coding language and used file transfer connections to link applications. However, legacy tools were difficult to manage and monitor, and point-to-point integrations were time-consuming to build and challenging to maintain.

Post-adoption benefits

With the Digibee platform, organizations' development teams gained access to a broad range of end-to-end integration capabilities that opened the flow of data within the organizations' internal business applications and with external partners. This new approach transformed how systems could exchange information and helped them handle the integration requirement of a more complex business environment.

Quantified benefits

Forrester combined the results of its interviews into a composite financial-services organization with 20,000 employees and revenue of $5 billion per year, and calculated the following benefits from adopting Digibee: 

  • Return on investment: 232%
  • Net present value: $4.15 million
  • Developer efficiencies building integrations valued at $2.1M; developers can build integrations with the Digibee platform 50% to 75% more efficiently than point-to-point solutions.
  • Developer efficiencies maintaining integrations valued at $370,000
  • Cost savings due to a reduction in IT labor valued at $678,000

Top challenges that motivated customers to decide to implement Digibee

The Forrester TEI Report revealed that IT backlogs and point-to-point integrations are the top challenges that motivated customers to decide to implement Digibee. Without an enterprise iPaaS to offload repetitive, lower-value work, IT and developers become bogged down and projects take much longer to complete. IT backlog and technical debt - especially when integration projects involve large legacy systems - become a significant inhibitor to the business, blocking innovation and the company's ability to enter new markets and grow.

Prior to implementing Digibee technology, many customers relied on custom code, or point-to-point integrations, leading to more downtime and maintenance cost. Helping resolve the IT backlog challenge, the Digibee enterprise iPaaS empowers developer and IT teams, removing lower value tasks and activities so they can focus on the most meaningful work. This model is especially helpful in the face of the global skills shortage, increasing productivity and efficiency without increasing the team.

Efficiency improvements from implementing Digibee

According to the TEI study, the implementation of Digibee's eiPaaS dramatically improved developer efficiency in several ways:

  • Visual drag-and-drop interface made building integrations faster
  • Ability to reuse integrations once built reduced the number of integrations developers had to create
  • Integrated logs and metrics simplified troubleshooting and monitoring tasks
  • Simplicity of identifying and fixing errors nearly eliminated application rework

Using the eiPaaS, smaller IT teams were empowered to accomplish more work, helping enterprises reduce labor costs without compromising their ability to innovate. Increased developer efficiency meant fewer hours were allocated to building and maintaining integrations. Improved oversight and maintenance meant fewer escalations were required. The low-code integration platform allowed organizations to hire more junior developers for regular tasks, freeing up experts to focus on new projects.

"Although we've built positive, lasting relationships with our customers, we felt it was time for an honest appraisal of how well we've done, exploring and quantifying the value our customers derive from the Digibee enterprise integration platform as a service (eiPaaS)," said Digibee CEO and co-founder Rodrigo Bernardinelli. "Since every customer is unique in their requirements and existing infrastructure, establishing universal ‘value to market' benchmarks is challenging. The Forrester TEI report applies structure to the outcomes we deliver, allowing us to consistently examine efficiencies and assign meaningful values across every customer implementation. We're thrilled to report that our customers are extremely satisfied with the value Digibee delivers!"

Customer quotes from the Forrester TEI Report for Digibee

"We view Digibee as a partner and not just a supplier. If we need something from the platform, we work with Digibee and they build it. They bring new ideas to us and help us construct our future." - IT Project Director, Retail

"There are additional tools in Digibee that help in development and production, like integrated metrics and integrated logs, that make it easy to troubleshoot within the same platform." - Senior Manager, Cloud Enablement, Telecom

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