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ZenFi Networks 2023 Predictions: Looking Forward to the Evolution of the Wireless Industry


Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2023.  Read them in this 15th annual series exclusive.

Looking Forward to the Evolution of the Wireless Industry

By Walter Cannon, VP of Business Development for ZenFi Networks

2022 was a year of sizable evolution across the Wireless industry. While the industry continued to deal with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, stakeholders began to look at the needs and trends of the post-pandemic world. Looking back, the pandemic shined a bright light on the glaring digital needs of underserved communities in our society, which has driven many of the initiatives and choices of decision makers over the past year. As we continue to navigate the post pandemic world, it's clear that many of the digital needs which the pandemic exposed, are just as necessary in normal times as they are in unprecedented ones. These include the development of smart communities and the continued expansion of existing digital infrastructure. As we continue to learn more about 5G, and new wireless spectrums, we expect to see the development of new applications that take advantage of that new power. This can apply to niches including telemedicine, education, cloud services expansion, as well as enterprise networking.

Additionally, we've continued to observe the increasing need for the development of smart communities. It's been proven throughout the pandemic, and in its aftermath, that we have to provide the public their "4th utility," broadband. The expansion of wireless technology and infrastructure is key, from basic broadband to the installation of more small cell radios for better transmission among communities. The need to expand shared digital infrastructure is crucial. This infrastructure needs to not only account and integrate small cell radios but also end building. C-RAN technology has long been a desired initiative of many in the industry, and by centralizing its development based on a shared infrastructure model, initiatives of carrier partners such as Wi-Fi 6, 6E, 5G or 6G can be driven forward.

With the continued conversion of variance of Wi-Fi technology, everything has continued to become more digitized, moving from analog to digital. As that trend continues, it opens up more avenues for applications to be developed. In order to continue to advance the development of smart communities, from rural communities to NYC, more economics have to be driven into the equipment. This holds true especially when it comes to open Wi-Fi, open roaming, and open RAN technology. Industry leaders need to continue to find more and more ways to digitize communities and enhance access.

With these identified upcoming trends and challenges, the New York and New Jersey metropolitan markets are in constant need of advancing digital infrastructure for new businesses and longtime veterans alike. As an ever-growing and changing landscape, the digital infrastructure industry is constantly evolving to meet the demands of all markets, especially this major one.

Looking forward to 2023, we at ZenFi look forward to playing a key role in the trends and challenges facing our industry. We're ecstatic about the expansion and execution of our planned initiatives, with ZenFi joining BAI's growing portfolio of US-based digital infrastructure companies, including Mobilitie and Transit Wireless. With the host of different companies that are now under the BAI umbrella, we anticipate playing a leading role in the industry when it comes to small cell delivery, end delivery, signal distribution, and building out smart communities. The acquisition of ZenFi brings BAI over 1,100 fiber route miles in New York and New Jersey, 65 points of presence, a number of unique C-RAN solutions, as well as a portfolio of customers including wireless carriers. Our network architecture features a high-capacity fronthaul fiber network that links thousands of wireless siting locations across the New York/New Jersey market, interconnected by network edge colocation facilities, and powered by a core backhaul network. This allows us the ability to deliver and deploy faster, more cost efficient C-RAN solutions. ZenFi anticipates the continued growth of shared infrastructure in the coming years. With that, we welcome the opportunity to serve as an example for future smart communities as they continue to be developed across the globe. The implementation and execution of this digital infrastructure technology is applicable to any major US city, and we anticipate future development opportunities within those metro markets.

Additionally, BAI inherited ZenFi's rights to provide mobile infrastructure solutions for 4,000 LinkNYC and Link5G kiosks across New York City. Unveiled earlier in 2022, Link5G expands upon LinkNYC's free WiFi program by adding 5G capabilities to the kiosks throughout New York City, with the goal of bridging the digital divide in New York City by bringing free connectivity options to underserved communities. The rights to provide support to the LinkNYC program present an opportunity to further an expansive public 5G initiative, and help to deliver the future of mobile internet to the City. ZenFi and BAI's combined team of experienced industry leaders, and unified capabilities will help us position ourselves as a leading provider of 5G infrastructure, both in the US and worldwide.

The digital needs for 2023 and beyond are sure to require innovative, forward thinking solutions, from the continued development of smart communities, to the implementation of shared infrastructure and C-RAN technology. We anticipate 2023 to be a year to remain observant of trends across the industry, and proactive when it comes to finding solutions to the challenges that come along with them. ZenFi Networks is excited for the year ahead and to continue to work towards a better digital future.



Walter Cannon 

As the Vice President of Business Development for ZenFi Networks, Walter leverages more than 30 years of technology sales and executive management experience. Walter's expertise, which spans the wireless, wholesale and enterprise markets, has led sales teams in the efficient delivery of network solutions that enable customers to grow their businesses more effectively. Prior to ZenFi Networks, Walter served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Metro|NS, where he effectively developed sales strategies and helped to forge strong relationships with both vendors and clients. Walter has held senior management positions in sales, marketing and business development, focusing on start-ups and emerging technologies. He received a degree in Liberal Arts with a focus in Engineering and Mathematics from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Published Thursday, January 19, 2023 7:36 AM by David Marshall
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