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Cognigy 2023 Predictions: The Transformative Power of Conversational AI


Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2023.  Read them in this 15th annual series exclusive.

The Transformative Power of Conversational AI

By Hardy Myers, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, Cognigy

Over the past several years, significant challenges have confronted contact centers and customer experience (CX) leadership. Staffing shortages and challenges from hybrid work continue into 2023 with the additional challenge of increased economic uncertainty. Taking these factors into account, the need to automate has never been greater. What will be the inexorable forces and trends for enterprise contact centers and customer experience in the new year? How will the customer journey evolve and what innovations can we expect in 2023?

One thing is certain: Automation driven by virtual agents and AI-based bots will continue to play an increasingly important role in improving customer service, enabling agent empowerment and improving customer experience.

Five predictions for 2023 that highlight the transformative power of Conversational AI for CX and how it can also improve the experience for those on the contact center front lines are:

1.   AI will answer customer inquiries in real time. AI is rapidly evolving in how it understands what customers want and how to customize responses and insights on the fly. The results are new and improved levels of engagement and responsiveness as the industry learns to better leverage large language models.

2.   Proactive customer engagement will gain more traction. Instead of always being reactive, organizations are now, more than ever before, able to proactively initiate interactions with customers before a problem occurs. A good example of an enterprise that has embraced proactive engagement is Toyota, who is already leveraging Conversational AI to proactively contact customers to schedule service appointments.

3.   Conversational AI will move beyond knowledge management to agent empowerment. By automating mundane tasks, Conversational AI will free up agents across all industries to pursue more engaging and complex customer service tasks. The result is a customer service team that is empowered to drive CX to the next level.

4.   Conversational AI will bridge the gap between employer and employee. Conversational AI will reduce agent workload by automatically addressing many customer requirements delivering faster resolution and a superior customer experience. This will result in not only accelerated resolution times and improved customer experience - but higher job satisfaction among agents.

5.   Virtual agents and AI-based bots will become as agile and invaluable as your tenured human workforce. Currently, a significant gap exists between what Conversational AI could do for most contact centers and what it currently does. Recent technological advancements have made it possible for virtual agents to become an agile and invaluable part of your tenured workforce, augmenting and optimizing the efforts of the human workforce, not replacing it.

In summary, 2023 will be a year when Conversational AI is adopted by a much broader segment of the market delivering a truly transformational shift in contact center operations. Enterprises who embrace Conversational AI technology now will be able to continue growing and scaling during challenging economic times while reducing costs and transforming customer experience.




As Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategy at Cognigy, Hardy Myers works closely with Cognigy's co-founders and senior management team to develop the company's strategic priorities, secure and activate partnerships, and implement the optimal business processes to achieve Cognigy's strategic and financial objectives. Hardy is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in the contact center and unified communications space, including past senior leadership roles as CEO and CFO. He has also led teams in business development, partnerships, strategy and corporate development at industry-leading companies such as Avaya, Intradiem and AVST.

Published Monday, January 30, 2023 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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