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Commvault 2023 Predictions: The IT Reset - 5 Enterprise Trends That Are Already Shaping 2023


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The IT Reset: 5 Enterprise Trends That Are Already Shaping 2023

By Alan Atkinson, Chief Partner Officer of Commvault

Big changes are already underway for IT in 2023. Yes, the economic environment is forcing companies to pull back spending in some areas. But it's more than that.

The emergence of powerful technologies like artificial intelligence means companies must be more diligent and conscientious than ever in their data-collection efforts - being more mindful of how much information is being gathered, where it's stored and the security measures protecting it. And the impact will be felt across the C-suite, from the general counsel to the CIO to the CEO.

These looming changes are why Commvault and others have built robust platforms that can address the many different, but interconnected, challenges that companies are facing as their digital maturation continues. Businesses need trusted IT partners that can help them navigate the coming complexity in a cost-effective, compliant and sustainable manner.

Economic Uncertainty Means Spending on the Priorities

It's obvious that corporate leaders are worried about the uncertain economic future. Businesses everywhere are cutting investments across the board. And IT isn't immune to the trimming. Despite the budgetary constraints, companies will continue to invest significantly in areas that are critical to the future of the business: cybersecurity, cloud migration and digital transformation.

With more scrutiny on the bottom line, however, customers are more cost-sensitive. And they don't want to manage a long list of tech vendors. Instead, leaders are going to consolidate to cloud-based platforms that can offer an expansive set of tools addressing a broad variety of business needs.

In Cybersecurity, an Industry Shift Toward Proactive Measures

It's the harsh reality of cybersecurity: However strong you think your defensive perimeter is, there are bad actors out there who will find a way to penetrate it. Hackers are getting more sophisticated, and the number of attacks is only growing. It's no longer just about erecting safeguards to try to keep enemies out. Companies need to get proactive.

Businesses should absolutely continue to invest in preventing cyberattacks from occurring. But when those breaches happen, many aren't prepared. The attack spreads quickly. And by the time backup systems come to the rescue, the damage has been done. What businesses are realizing is that they need systems that can constantly monitor their data environment to catch threats early and then quickly initiate response protocols, extinguishing the fire before it can spread. 

Data Privacy and Legal Compliance More Crucial Than Ever

Data is being gathered at an astounding clip. But that rapid rise has also spurred consumer backlash, leading to a flurry of regulatory activity in the last few years that shows no sign of stopping. Around the world, governments are erecting new laws and policies around data privacy. Even in the U.S. we could see progress this year on federal privacy legislation.

It's no longer possible to be a global business and not think about data compliance. But beyond compliance, businesses are getting serious about improving their overall data management. It's why they are seeking software that can help not only ensure adherence to privacy mandates, but also keep costs contained and, ultimately, protect the information from hackers. 

Getting Serious About Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword that businesses splash on their corporate home pages. Companies are taking specific steps to reduce their carbon footprint, given credence by measures like linking executive compensation to improved sustainability outcomes.

IT isn't immune. By 2025, Gartner estimates that 50% of CIOs will have performance metrics that are tied to the sustainability of the IT department. There are easy ways that CIOs can begin to "green-ify" their units. And data is one of the lowest-hanging fruits. By putting in place measures to better control the amount of data being produced, energy consumption will go down. Such a plan also ensures that companies are only gathering and storing the most pertinent information to cut down on waste.

Bridging the Skills Gap - By Avoiding It

The struggle to hire skilled data wizards and other critical IT positions is only going to get worse as more businesses look to inject AI and automation into their operations. Luckily for companies, technology is serving as an answer to that problem.

Vendors are increasingly infusing AI and machine learning into their products. That makes it easier for IT teams to automate the mundane tasks that have burdened in-house tech departments for decades. Now, they can move on to more forward-looking projects that have a more direct impact on the bottom line. As software advances, that skills gap may shrink to a crack in the pavement that smart businesses can seal with the right IT partners.

Now, more than ever, it's imperative that companies find the right partner to help maximize the value they're getting from tech investments. Customers want to address their important business imperatives through a single data platform, leading to cost-savings and efficiency gains. IT may be more complex than ever, but that just means those who are able to figure it out will blow past rivals still stuck in the digital dark age.  




Alan Atkinson serves as Commvault’s first Chief Partner Officer, where he oversees the company’s relationships with resellers, distributors, managed service providers (MSPs), hyperscalers, and diamond partners. In this role, Atkinson is laser focused on further strengthening Commvault’s strategic alliances with cloud partners and continuing to galvanize and grow the Partner Advantage Program.

Atkinson brings a wealth of cloud and data protection experience to Commvault – from building the industry’s first, pre-eminent cloud service provider to leading WysDM Software until it was acquired, to driving technology strategy and commercial sales at Dell Technologies. His history of building, leading, and retaining world-class teams can be seen in his past roles, including Dell Technologies, where he held SVP, CTO, and GM positions, XIO Storage as the company’s President and CEO, the CEO and Co-Founder of WysDM Software, and SVP of Product Marketing and Engineering at StorageNetworks. Atkinson has extensive experience and a successful track record of working effectively across sales, engineering, finance, and marketing.

Atkinson received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Delaware and his Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. He is heavily involved in charitable outreach, serving on the board of numerous organizations, including Robin Hood Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Zoo Miami Foundation, Jackson Health, and others.

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