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Platform Engineering Company Launches to Help Developers Write Sophisticated Cloud Apps at Scale Without Having to Learn Complex Technologies, Raises $10 Million in Seed Funding From Coatue and GV formally launched with Devbox Cloud, a managed service offering for Devbox. Devbox lets developers define development environments by declaring which tools they want to use once - it then perfectly recreates those environments locally everytime. Devbox Cloud makes it possible for developers to share those environments with others who want to use them and spins up those environments as isolated virtual machines in the cloud. was founded by Daniel Loreto who held senior engineering leadership roles at Google, Twitter, Airbnb and then Virta Health. At each company, developers would run into the same roadblocks as they looked to scale the new applications they were building. Open source products like Nix and Kubernetes solve these problems but have hard-to-use interfaces. Each time, part of his team would have to learn how to build abstractions on top of these complex technologies so everyone else could easily use them - a practice now known as platform engineering.

Loreto went on to found that provides easy-to-use "building blocks" for building and scaling sophisticated cloud apps so developers don't need to spend extra time building these abstractions.

"Developers want to be able to quickly build scalable and sophisticated apps in the cloud without having to focus on infrastructure. Unfortunately, as an industry, we've made cloud development too complex, forcing developers to learn low-level details of systems like Nix and Kubernetes," said Daniel Loreto, founder and CEO of " provides developers with easy-to-use building blocks for cloud development, letting them adopt scalable best practices without having to learn complex, low-level details. We plan to make the entire lifecycle easier - from setting up development environments in a reproducible way to launching auto-scaling applications."

In the last five months, released two open source offerings:

  • Devbox makes it easy to create reproducible developer environments locally and leverages Nix. Devbox received 1000 GitHub stars on the first day of release and it now has more than 4800 GitHub stars.
  • Launchpad gives developers a Heroku-like deployment experience for Kubernetes so they don't have to become Kubernetes experts or write Kubernetes configurations.'s Devbox Cloud is in open beta starting today. The managed service offering makes it easy for developers to share predefined Devbox environments. These environments can be spun up in the cloud in minutes without additional set up needed so developers can move faster.

"With Devbox, our development environments are fully automated. Dependencies installed, tests executed, servers started, you name it - all with a single command: ‘devbox shell'. Gone are the (often outdated) ‘Set up your dev environment' docs," said Mike Nikles, founder of Webstone Technologies. "Devbox Cloud is the natural progression to spin up the exact same local dev environment in a cloud environment. This makes collaborating with team members and other stakeholders much simpler. It also allows me to leverage better cloud resources than my laptop provides." Raises $10 Million in Seed Funding
Today also announced that it has raised $10 million in seed funding co-led by Coatue and GV. plans to use the funding to continue to advance its products and to bring new products to market. 

"Developers are becoming key decision makers and need the best tools to build and innovate," said Andy Chen, General Partner at Coatue. "Among the many developer-focused solutions hitting the market,'s modular approach solves major pain points for developers and empowers them with the tools to scale apps faster. We are excited to support Daniel and his team as they lead this shift to enable developers to spend more time writing code, not operating infrastructure."

" is building tools that simplify cloud development across the entire stack, removing busy work and freeing developers from focusing on infrastructure," said Erik Nordlander, General Partner at GV. " has the potential to make scaled cloud development more accessible to a much larger group of developers and bring a new wave of innovation.

Published Wednesday, February 01, 2023 12:31 PM by David Marshall
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