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Advantages of AWS Global Infrastructure to Businesses

What is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Infrastructure?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most reliable global cloud infrastructures available for businesses. A cloud computing platform developed by Amazon, its users gain access to an international network of data centers and a range of fully featured services like content delivery and database storage solutions.

Application workloads can be deployed across the globe in a single click or closer to home with single-digit millisecond latency. 

An array of the world's largest business organizations, such as Netflix, Air Canada, Verizon, and Siemens, employ AWS as their primary cloud provider.

Reconsidering your own cloud strategy? Read on to learn more about the key advantages of AWS Global infrastructure for modern businesses:

What are the top 7 advantages of AWS Global Infrastructure?

1.     Reliability

AWS Global infrastructure is the most reliable cloud computing solution available. It hosts every imaginable business across a dynamic ecosystem with millions of active users. In fact, it's the most widely used cloud platform in the world.

Resistant to individual server failures, traffic sent over AWS is faster and more secure than the public internet-especially over long distances. Data is even stored in multiple copies across three different availability zones in any Amazon region.

2.     Security

AWS core infrastructure has been purpose-designed to meet the world's most stringent security checks. It has 24/7 server monitoring, and all data flowing across the global network is automatically encrypted before it leaves Amazon-secured facilities. This means data stays confidential but is also always accessible to you.

Users maintain complete control over their data with the ability to move, manage, and encrypt it while also building on the world's most secure global infrastructure.

The high level of security that comes with an AWS global infrastructure has seen numerous banks adopt this system. Banks use AWS to allow them to lower costs and launch new products, such as benefits for students using a college bank account.


3.     Availability

One of AWS' greatest advantages is that it delivers the highest network availability of any cloud provider. Regions are fully isolated and comprised of multiple AZs (Availability Zones). High availability is achievable by partitioning applications across numerous AZs in the same region. API endpoints are also designed to operate independently and securely for up to 24 hours.

4.     Performance

The AWS Global infrastructure is purpose-built for performance. Overall, AWS Regions offer low packet loss, low latency, and high network quality. In fact, latency is in the single-digit milliseconds. Amazon's secure infrastructure is built with a backbone of fully redundant 100 GbE fiber networks, providing terabit capacity levels between Regions.

Resources can be created quickly and on a need basis. They are then capable of being deployed to hundreds or thousands of servers within minutes.

5.     Scalability

Thanks to the infinite nature of cloud-based services, AWS global infrastructure offers companies the opportunity for unlimited scalability in their resources. So, whether you're an established business or a start-up looking to buy Canadian domain hosting and start your very first website, AWS can be the right fit for any sized multinational organization and can handle changing business needs with ease. 

Companies can provision for the resources they require now and instantly scale up or down with the needs of their business. This means that AWS is cost-effective and improves your ability to meet consumer demands. 

6.     Flexibility

The flexibility to choose where and when to run your workloads is a key advantage of the AWS Global infrastructure. In fact, when you do this, you're still using the same network, control plane, AWS services, and APIs.

Running applications globally, you can choose from any of the AWS Regions and AZs. These can also be run to mobile devices (with AWS Mobile) at extremely low latency with AWS Local Zones or AWS Wavelength.


7.     Global Footprint

AWS Global Infrastructure has the largest global footprint of any cloud platform. The AWS cloud spans 99 Availability Zones within 31 worldwide geographic regions. It's also ever-expanding with plans for more Availability Zones in Europe, Asia, and Australia and four more AWS Regions in Canada, Israel, New Zealand, and Thailand. For ultra-low latency, 29 Local zones are available, with 242 countries and territories served.

With Amazon's global footprint ever-increasing, its global reach is sure to benefit you if you service international customers. When deploying applications and workloads, you can pick a technology infrastructure closest to their primary target users and run workloads on the cloud with the best support for a broad set of applications, even those with the lowest latency needs or highest throughput.

AWS Ground Station can also be a solution for users with data that lives off-earth, with satellite antennas available in close proximity to all AWS infrastructure regions.

The AWS footprint only continues to grow, helped by the fact that they are seen as experts within their field. This is demonstrated by speaking at major events, such as AWS Principal Solutions Architect Luca Mezzalira being a WeAreDevelopers world congress hall of fame speaker.


AWS Global Infrastructure offerings can fit a variety of businesses and their cloud computing needs. Whether you're focusing on your global reach, low latency, security compliance, or future scalability, the advantages of AWS provide an infrastructure that supports an array of requirements across a vast global network.

With resources for your present and future business needs, AWS is a viable solution for a wide range of businesses. What's more, you can set up and start using it in a matter of minutes.



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