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New Feature in Vinchin V7.0: Data Verification for VMware Backups


The new release of Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 will be coming soon! With data verification module for VMware newly added into 7.0 version, you will be able to easily set up a virtual lab within the backup environment for the availability verification of VMware backup data, making sure its high recoverability for all kinds of application scenarios.

Data verification in Vinchin Backup & Recovery is based on instant recovery technology, which works by recovering VM backups to the virtual lab to verify if the restored VM can be powered on without issues.

Isolated Virtual Lab

Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 now allows VMware users to set up an isolated virtual lab in which it mirrors the production environment and communicates with Vinchin backup server and the real production network via a proxy appliance.

All verification operations will be performed in this virtual lab where data is kept from the production environment, and once the lab is deleted, it takes all data with it. Thus, the lab has no effect on the primary production environment.

Previously, you can only back up your data without knowing its status, so sometimes the corrupted data can be copied to the backup server and yet nobody knows it. Now with the VMware backup validation, you can now ensure the data availability for both backup and recovery.

Automatic Backup Verification

The automatic verification is time-based for backup jobs and the whole VM (s). It acquires the most recent timepoint information of each VM every time it is performed, and restores the VM to the designated resource pools and folders to verify the data through 3 methods: ping, screenshots, and heartbeat.

3 layers of verification will process at the same time when powering on the restored VM. If any one doesn't respond, a task failure notice will appear.

You can set up a schedule to automate the backup verification in the lab so you don't need to configure it the next time. This saves the trouble of re-configuration and reduces workload.

Instant Manual Verification

Besides automatic data verification, you can also manually configure the verification job for certain scenarios where a quick check on specific VMware backups is required. The verification unit is a single timepoint of the VM without regularly running by schedules, and you need to manually access vCenter server to power on the restored VM.

Once you stop the verification job, Vinchin backup system will automatically delete the verified VM, and uninstall NFS storage.

On-Hand Verification Reports

You can click the running task to check out its circumstance, and here you could see the job history where you can download the verification reports to the local system, or send it to the email that you set up under the admin icon. The report contains job success info, warnings that may cause the task or system fail, and job error messages.

By reading the report, you will learn why the job fails and come up with a solution shortly. The report aims to decrease your time and energy spent on finding out why. And it also shows a richer picture of your data.

Try Vinchin Backup & Recovery Today!

To ensure the backup and recovery strategies go well, backup data verification is necessary because it identifies neglected vulnerabilities beforehand and makes sure every file is counted. Download the 60-day full-featured free trial of Vinchin Backup & Recovery today to try the future-proof new feature out!

Published Wednesday, March 01, 2023 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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