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Finout Launches the World's First Anomaly Detection for FinOps Leading to Greater Profitability and Accountability
Finout launches world's first end-to-end anomaly detection for FinOps. Finance and engineering teams now have a single, centralized dashboard to monitor cost spikes and other unusual spending behavior across all of the major cloud providers and various 3rd party SaaS services. Combined with Finout's virtual tagging, Finout can easily identify unwanted cost spikes by specific individuals, teams, or applications in order to reduce waste and increase profitability.

"Finout is cloud agnostic and can instantly identify a cost anomaly wherever it is in your tech stack," said Roi Ravhon, CEO & Co-Founder of Finout. "There's a big difference between cloud costs increasing because the R&D team accidentally left a staging environment running overnight, or if it's because one of your features gained new traction and business is growing. Modern organizations that operate in the cloud need the ability to quickly know where a spending anomaly is happening and then understand why it is happening."

End-to-end anomaly detection in the cloud is extremely complex, given the high dynamic and distributed nature of modern applications. Simply establishing what should be considered "normal" requires the use of advanced data analysis. Other factors that contribute to the complexity include the presence of multiple data sources, myriad variables that make root cause analysis difficult, and mitigating the amount of false-positives to maintain a healthy signal-to-noise ratio.

Finout uses machine learning to automatically establish baselines and expected usage of both technical resources and organizational cost allocations. Once a resource or a business unit is deviating from this baseline, Finout automatically triggers a full-context alert so that developers, operators, and finance all have everything they need to quickly investigate and stop the cost anomaly before spend grows out of control.

Key Benefits of Finout's Anomaly Detection Solution

  1. Automatic alerts on Slack or Email without the need for manual configuration
  2. Native integration with the Finout MegaBill for anomalies on any virtual tag such as application, environment, or team.
  3. Cloud agnostic for comprehensive analysis.
  4. Complete control and visibility - only pay for necessary cloud resources and nothing more.
  5. Full-context notification channeling to email and Slack.

What separates Finout from the competition is the ability to track not only all of the major cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure; but also Kubernetes, Snowflake, Databricks, Datadog, and other 3rd party SaaS services in one MegaBill. After locating an anomaly, users are able to drill in and analyze the specific issue, in order to avoid waste and reduce the average company's cloud spend by more than 20%.

"Using Finout's business-context capabilities, we gained new insights by breaking cost down by specific customers and features," said Ofir Tam, Technical Product Leader at Orca Security. "This enabled us to fine-tune our tech stack for the best value and increase our profitability."

Published Tuesday, March 07, 2023 10:36 AM by David Marshall
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