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SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux v9.7 Adds SAP HANA Multitarget Feature for Most Comprehensive High Availability Protection from Local, Sitewide and Regional Disasters

SIOS Technology Corp., an industry leader in application high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR), announced the immediate availability of SIOS LifeKeeper version 9.7 clustering software with significant new capabilities for HA and DR protection for SAP HANA environments for enterprises, managed service providers and cloud service providers.

SIOS LifeKeeper v9.7 enables customers to deploy a multitarget high availability environment in which HANA operates on a primary node and, in the event of a failure or disaster, can failover to a secondary and/or a tertiary target node located in a different cloud Availability Zone or on-premises disaster recovery location. Failover can be configured to leverage highly efficient "takeover with handshake" capability that enables efficient switchover for near zero downtime maintenance.

Unlike other clustering solutions, SIOS LifeKeeper monitors the health of the entire SAP HANA instance stack and communicates with all associated cluster nodes.

Advanced automation eliminates the time-consuming, error prone scripting that can make the intrinsically complex process of HANA database failover unreliable. SIOS customers can be confident that SIOS LifeKeeper will automatically and reliably failover their HANA database, enabling them to restore operations with equal ease.

Just as in a traditional two-node SIOS cluster, customers using the HANA Multitarget feature can use one of their cluster nodes as a read-enabled (active/active) secondary node for read-intensive tasks, enabling an optimized balance of workloads and improving the overall performance of the SAP HANA database.

"SIOS customers gain the peace of mind of knowing that in the event of a failure or disaster, they will not have to bother with complex scripting to protect their essential HANA database or to restore operations when the issue is resolved," said Masahiro Arai, COO, SIOS Technology. "SIOS LifeKeeper will ensure their essential HANA database will resume operation quickly and reliably."

"The SAP HANA database is a mission-critical workload for thousands of organizations around the world, whether they run on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination thereof. Ensuring the availability of the clusters that run SAP HANA is top priority, albeit not easy. SIOS LifeKeeper has been designed to take away a lot of the pain with ensuring SAP HANA uptime," said Peter Rutten, Research Vice President, IDC.

"Protecting complex databases such as SAP HANA from downtime and disasters is critically important but typically requires time-consuming administration and complex scripting at a time when IT teams may be responding to a disaster event," explained Christophe Bertrand, Practice Director, ESG. "By automating these steps, SIOS LifeKeeper removes both complexity and opportunity for human error in the process, which can improve data protection and recovery SLAs and associated costs/benefits."

New features and capabilities in SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux V9.7, include:

  • HANA Multitarget Feature - Enables protection from local, site-wide and regional disasters; fast, reliable failover to target nodes in geographically separated locations. IT time savings through automation of highly manual, error prone administration steps; and fast recovery time - leverages takeover with handshake capability to speed failover process.
  • Added support for:
  • WebSphere MQ v9.3, RHEL v 9.0
  • SAP HANA on RHEL 8.6 and SLES 15 SP4
  • SAP HANA on S/4HANA 2022

Product Availability

SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux version 9.7.0 is generally available. Contact SIOS here for purchasing information.

Published Wednesday, March 29, 2023 8:00 AM by David Marshall
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