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Enzoic Enhances its Active Directory Lite to Help Companies Spot Password Vulnerabilities
Enzoic announced enhancements to Enzoic for Active Directory Lite, its free password auditing tool for revealing compromised credentials in Active Directory (AD) environments. The latest capabilities scan for numerous additional credential weaknesses that hackers could exploit, including accounts without passwords and stale accounts, helping companies identify these vulnerabilities before they become entry points.

Active Directory is a popular hacker target, with 50% of organizations experiencing an attack against the service in the last 1-2 years. While there are numerous steps companies must take to prioritize AD security, identifying and securing password vulnerabilities is a critical component. Enzoic for Active Directory Lite addresses this concern, giving companies insight into vulnerable accounts in Active Directory and helping secure them from attack.

Enzoic provides the industry's most comprehensive compromised credential protection by vetting passwords against its proprietary database containing billions of exposed username and password pairs. The latter is maintained through a combination of proprietary automated processes, submitted contributions, and research from Enzoic's threat intelligence team. In addition, the database is updated multiple times per day, ensuring that companies' password security reflects the latest breach intelligence. Enzoic for Active Directory Lite delivers this unparalleled insight into vulnerable AD accounts with new features including:

  • Password Sharing: This common security vulnerability often stems from users failing to change their default account information, as well as the pervasive problem of password reuse. Enzoic for Active Directory Lite can now identify users with the same password, allowing organizations to mitigate the risk.
  • Accounts with Passwords that Never Expire: Many companies follow NIST guidelines and have eliminated mandatory password expiration policies. However, with breaches occurring on a real-time basis, it's still critical to continuously screen these credentials to ensure they have not been compromised. The latest edition of Enzoic for Active Directory Lite automates this process.
  • Stale Accounts: Stale accounts pose a significant security risk as they often still have access to sensitive data or systems. The tool helps eliminate this vulnerability by identifying how many exist within the organization so that companies can determine which should be disabled.

"Given the sensitive data Active Directory provides access to and the enduring popularity of credentials as a threat vector, it's vital that companies prioritize AD password security," said Mike Wilson, CTO and Founder, Enzoic. "The latest release of Enzoic for Active Directory Lite helps organizations quickly identify password vulnerabilities within their environment and take immediate action to protect their accounts. With new breach data continuously available to hackers on the Dark Web, integrating the free tool should be a best practice for any security-minded organization."

Published Tuesday, April 25, 2023 9:41 AM by David Marshall
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