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DE-CIX launches Cloud ROUTER service - for enhanced multi-cloud routing and data management

DE-C.IX has launched a new virtual cloud routing service and it is now available on the company's carrier-grade platform. DE-CIX's Cloud ROUTER offers a direct and secure high performance data exchange between cloud environments for cloud-to-cloud communication, supporting multi and hybrid cloud scenarios. Currently available in over 20 locations around the globe - from North America to Europe, the Middle East, and on to Southeast Asia - in bandwidths from 100 Mbit/s up to 400Gbit/s, the service is quick to implement and functions without the need for physical infrastructure. The service offers great potential for partners - such as MSPs, systems integrators, and regional network operators - to enrich their portfolio of enterprise connectivity solutions.

The Cloud ROUTER enables more efficient routing by eliminating multiple data trips between company data center locations and the cloud. By leveraging DE-CIX's private, resilient, carrier-grade platform, customers can prioritise traffic for mission-critical applications with increased security and improved protection against cyber-attacks. DE-CIX's Cloud ROUTER offers redundancy by design as it is not bound to one single data center or router, but is built as a distributed virtual routing service on the private and secure DE-CIX platform.

"Enterprises in all sectors are seeking ways to optimize their data management and accelerate their work in the cloud. Cloud-to-cloud communication using a virtual cloud routing service does exactly this: offering direct connectivity between clouds, greater security of data pathways, high performance data exchange, and lower costs," explains Mareike Jacobshagen, Head of Global Business Partner Program at DE-CIX. "DE-CIX's Cloud ROUTER is an excellent and competitive service for enterprise connectivity, offering a win/win situation for our partners and their customers. It's an exciting product for our partner community to bring to market."

The Cloud ROUTER enables customers across different verticals with highly digitalized value chains to connect between different cloud platforms or between different cloud regions, making multi-cloud networking seamless and resilient. The virtual cloud routing service centralizes routing between public and/or private clouds with guaranteed latency, bandwidth, and predictability. Hybrid scenarios are enabled by connecting the on-prem data center to the multi-cloud environment through a DE-CIX access. The service simplifies cloud migration "lift and shift" scenarios across verticals, enabling large volumes of data to be migrated at low latency and reducing cloud egress costs. Disaster recovery and backup scenarios can be automated across cloud environments with resilient and redundant connectivity. Companies can thus implement modern Opex-based networking for business agility, scalable in minutes, and minimize over-reliance on a single cloud service provider.

Published Thursday, April 27, 2023 10:40 AM by David Marshall
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