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American Cloud Debuts Launch With Plans to Reshape Modern Cloud Computing
American Cloud is a recently-launched web services business designed to revolutionize access to cloud computing services around the globe. They are doing so through innovations that democratize and decentralize our access to the cloud as we know it.

Founders Aron Wagner and Dane Nakamura are experienced tech professionals whose discontent with Big Tech has been growing for years. The problem American Cloud is driving to set right, is the "tragic shift of cloud computing from being a utility-based solution to a mass-produced product that doesn't quite help anyone," says Wagner.

"I think a lot of people realized this was a problem in the tech industry during the pandemic years. It wasn't created by everyday people, but it's up to them to take ownership of the problem and fix it. At American Cloud, we work to empower them to do exactly that," says American Cloud co-founder and COO Dane Nakamura.

At its inception in 2006, cloud computing was hailed as a revolutionary technology. More than anything else, it was seen as an equalizer that would help businesses of all sizes gain access to cutting-edge data storage and computing facilities. The number of cloud service users increased drastically in the years following. But while 84% of all mid-to-large-sized global businesses now have multi-cloud strategies in place, the number of major cloud service providers has more or less remained the same in all these years.

The result is a highly centralized cloud-computing sector where most of the world's business data and resources are confined to a few substantial data farms owned by big tech companies. Not only does this limit innovation, but it also makes business data vulnerable to third-party attacks that data farms frequently struggle with.

It's precisely these problems that inspired Wagner and Nakamura to take matters into their own hands and develop an all-American alternative to cloud services.

All of American Cloud's servers and data storage facilities are independent of Big Tech, which makes it easy to offer clients customized solutions that fit their unique business demands. This independence makes American Cloud more agile in responding to market changes quickly without navigating the bureaucracy and glacial decision-making processes typical of a large corporation.

American Cloud's commitment to accessibility and technological independence is reflected in its pricing structure. All their cloud computing packages are priced flexibly, making them much cheaper than big tech alternatives.

"One clear difference is that we're not charging network egress fees. It's a fixed cost for us and a fixed cost for our customers. And that means customers don't need to worry about some crazy usage hike on their bill at the month's end, " says co-founder and CEO, Aron Wagner.

Published Tuesday, May 02, 2023 11:31 AM by David Marshall
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