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New GRC eBook Explains the Value of Single-Phase Immersion Cooling for Bringing Data Centers into the Future

GRC (Green Revolution Cooling) released an ebook comparing cooling technologies titled: "Comparing Data Center Cooling Technologies -Which Is Best for Your Operation?" The report compares cooling solutions and describes how, with its simple design, location flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, single-phase liquid immersion cooling is the best choice for data centers.

The ebook outlines several critical performance categories and compares air cooling, single-phase immersion cooling, two-phase immersion cooling, cold plate cooling, and rear door heat exchanger (RDHx) systems. Looking at complexity and upfront costs, efficiency and operating expenses, cooling capacity and high-density performance, reliability and location flexibility, and sustainability, single-phase liquid immersion cooling comes out ahead of all other data center cooling technologies.

In a typical data center, 33% of costs go to cool the heat generated by the servers. Single-phase immersion cooling delivers a 90% reduction in cooling energy over air cooling and is 80% more energy efficient than cold plate methods. As a result, operators who switch to immersion cooling can realize a PUE of <1.03, cutting total data center energy usage 35-50%.

CPUs and GPUs are getting hotter each year and show no signs of slowing down. Data centers are challenged to effectively cool these heat-producing processors and, at the same time, reduce energy use. Single-phase immersion cooling delivers on both fronts, while also protecting sensitive ITE from potentially harmful airborne contaminants.

"This ebook outlines the specific differences in performance and energy use of the most common cooling technologies and single-phase liquid immersion cooling wins in every direct comparison," said Peter Poulin, CEO at GRC. "We are thrilled that this ebook will show operators what we at GRC already know-that single phase immersion cooling lowers costs, increases energy efficiency, and delivers the data center of tomorrow today."

Published Tuesday, May 09, 2023 8:44 AM by David Marshall
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