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Workspot Innovation Delivers The Industry's First Cloud PC with 99.99% SLA Availability

Workspot announced the launch of Workspot Global Desktop, a one-of-a-kind capability that creates a revolutionary way for enterprises to deliver end-user computing with the ultimate availability. Through a multi-cloud (private and public) and multi-region approach, the company provides enterprises with a Cloud PC that addresses their need for zero-downtime by seamlessly delivering virtual desktops using the company's "never-fail" technology that can seamlessly span disparate private and hyperscale clouds. The Global Desktop feature gives end users an always-on Cloud PC with outstanding performance - even when changing work locations.  

Mark Templeton, Chairman of the Board at Workspot said, "I'm both excited and proud of the Workspot team as they lead the Cloud PC industry in vision and innovation. Global Desktop functionality is foundational technology that creates a global grid of Cloud PCs across public and private clouds. It's the holy grail for providing a desktop experience that's always available in spite of cloud outages, workforce travel and evolving ‘work on demand' scenarios. With one multi-tenant, SaaS-based control fabric that supports private and public clouds, customers can seamlessly ‘plug and compute' on-demand from any device or browser. In the Cloud PC era, endpoints of all types become toaster-like appliances, delivering a high-performance enterprise desktop experience powered worldwide by Workspot's Cloud PC Utility Grid." 

"This is yet another perfect example of how committed Workspot is to innovation in the end-user computing space. Since the dawn of VDI, organizations have aspired to acquire this type of capability for performant, dynamic-proximity desktop access that is also cost effective - either for the traveling employee or for business continuity," said Michael Shuster, CEO at Ferroque Systems. "Vendors in the past have been able to provide a primitive approximation of the "always-on" virtual desktop vision, but not without significant back-end complexity and high costs, and certainly not with the full picture. Workspot's mix of API integration, public cloud technology and workspace technologies brings organizations closer to this vision than ever before." 

With today's remote work models and globally distributed workforces, having access to assets, data and applications 24/7 is paramount. In fact, for many years, leaders in the industry have been discussing the need for a virtual desktop that can be spun up anywhere, anytime with the highest performance. Workspot is answering this need by provisioning Cloud PCs across multiple clouds and cloud regions and managing them all through a single administration console. With Workspot Global Desktop, organizations can address the following top use cases:  

Maintain critical business operations - Workspot provides alternate Cloud PC pools running in multiple clouds and/or cloud regions that are automatically provisioned for end users when a disruption - such as a regional outage or a lack of cloud capacity - occurs. The alternate Cloud PC is immediately and seamlessly available to end users when they log in to their Cloud PC. The assignment of the most performant Cloud PC to each end user happens automatically in the background with no intervention by the user or by IT required.  

Recover quickly from ransomware disruptions - As soon as an attack is detected, Workspot can replace compromised physical PCs with Cloud PCs residing in a completely isolated, secure environment so people can get back to work. Whereas it often takes organizations 30 days or more to regain productivity after an attack, Workspot Cloud PCs reduce downtime to less than an hour, curbing financial loss and minimizing overall business impact. 

Build a zero-downtime environment for all users - For critical businesses where the cost of failure runs into the millions of dollars per hour of downtime - such as financial services institutions - zero-downtime for every end user must be standard policy. For these organizations in particular, the Global Desktop capability can mitigate financial disaster. 

The "travel anywhere" desktop for frequent travelers - Specifically geared for global travelers, the end user's primary desktop, located in the nearest cloud region where they are traveling, is automatically assigned to them. This delivers the lowest latency, so people can experience outstanding performance anywhere in the world. 

"Delivering the ultimate user experience has always been Workspot's priority," said Amitabh Sinha, Co-Founder and CEO of Workspot. "Our Global Desktop is the realization of the always-on computing experience that has been discussed in the industry for almost two decades. This innovation marks another key milestone in our ongoing journey to help our customers unlock the massive benefits they can derive from their cloud environments." 

Published Tuesday, May 09, 2023 10:57 AM by David Marshall
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