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Get Ready for a Game-Changer: Or Weis Shares His Insights on's AWS Cedar Integration has been making waves in the DevSecOps space with their innovative approach to permissions management. The company built a full-stack authorization framework that makes it quick and intuitive for developers to bake in access-control into their products and empower the rest of their organization with low-code.

In this VMblog video interview, Or Weis, the CEO and co-founder of, shares his insights on the latest developments at the company, including their integration with AWS Cedar, an open source security project that's generating a lot of buzz.

VMblog reached out to speak with Or as an industry expert to find out more about AWS Cedar, an open source security project that's focused on Identity Access Management (IAM). Cedar is designed to make it easier for organizations to manage their IAM policies and reduce the risk of misconfigurations. This is important because IAM misconfigurations are one of the top causes of security breaches in the cloud. By using Cedar, teams can ensure that their IAM policies are up to date and compliant with industry standards.

There will be a lot of tools that take advantage of the open source AWS Cedar project, but it appears as though the first SaaS solutions out of the gate may be from The company has already announced an integration with AWS Cedar. is providing access to it as a SaaS service even before AWS itself, as well as via OPAL, its open-source project. A key enabler for this, is a companion open-source project to Cedar: Cedar agent. Cedar-agent, an OSS project from - provides the ability to run Cedar as a standalone agent (Similar to how one would use OPA) which can then be powered by OPAL. Or says Cedar agent is the easiest way to deploy and run Cedar.'s open-source project OPAL, the Open Policy Administration Layer, is a bridging component that creates a standard across the IAM space to consume and use policy as code. OPAL makes sure that agents like OPA, AVP (Amazon Verified Permissions), and Cedar-Agent are loaded with the policy and data they need in real-time. This ensures that policies are enforced consistently across different tools and systems.'s integration with AWS Cedar represents a significant step forward for DevSecOps teams. By providing a unified permissions management solution that's integrated with an open source IAM project, is helping to streamline workflows and improve security posture for organizations of all sizes. If you're interested in learning more about and their full stack permissions framework, be sure to watch the full video interview with Or Weis.

Make sure to check out Permit.IO's website:


0:16 - Intro to Or Weis, co-founder and CEO,
0:45 - Overview of
02:10 - Talking about the open sourced security project, AWS Cedar
05:54 - integrates with AWS Cedar - Benefits
09:35 - Many tools and projects - keeping track
12:04 - Simplifying things, where are we headed?
15:28 - Wrap up

Published Monday, May 15, 2023 8:15 AM by David Marshall
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