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VMblog Expert Interview: Liquit Takes on DTX Manchester With Booth and Sponsorship


Keith Joseph, Liquit Sales Director for UK and Ireland talks about Liquit sponsoring and exhibiting at DTX Manchester for the first time and building partnerships with resellers and end users in the UK.

VMblog:  You are sponsoring the upcoming DTX event. What makes it an important event for you? Why are you sponsoring?

Keith Joseph:  Although Ben Ward (Liquit Field CTO for UK & Ireland) and I have been evangelizing Liquit for several months across the UK, DTX Manchester marks our first large conference event in the UK market. It's really grown into its own as one of the top shows in the North where end users and resellers come to learn about the latest technologies and solutions.

DTX is an ideal place to show how Liquit creates a very agile and future-proof approach to bringing a single pane of glass platform that helps end users have the application experience they need and demand today.

EUC (End User Computing) is still an evolving market with the first major changes happening up to and including the pandemic, which resulted in the rush to accommodate remote access. We're now looking at EUC 2.0 as companies move to the long term. In the UK, this has resulted in ongoing pain points around creating agile application access. That's a common theme for most organizations at DTX, and this is a perfect environment to hear about their needs and tell them about how Liquit can be a single answer to countless workspace and application challenges.

VMblog:  Tell us a little about Liquit. What is it about the company that would make a DTX attendee interested? What should they know?

Joseph:  Liquit solves the universal application access challenges along with the hybrid cloud, workspace, and remote workforce issues by providing end users with a simple unified, and transparent front-end workspace. IT is relieved of the burdens of application packaging for hundreds and thousands of users via an agile, fast, and simple application provisioning, deployment, and management back end, which removes the barriers between implementing different solutions.

Liquit empowers organizations to connect to their current state to create a much more agile and transparent workspace environment. They can then easily use Liquit's future-proof flexibility to transition to a modern environment that can save even more costs and time while eliminating future EUC and application technology bottlenecks without affecting any end users.

Liquit does this by making applications and end users work harmoniously and transparently in the way that everyone demands and expects. Liquit offers a truly end-to-end application management platform that transforms the digital workspace and enables every organization to manage their workspaces and applications in a simple and agile way. We provide a single place for effortless application provisioning and updating across every physical and virtual environment and platform.

That means enhancing the agility of countless VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), workspace cloud and virtual environments. Liquit supports integration across mature UK solutions like Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft, along with many others, whilst bridging the integration gaps to enable transparent anywhere, any device application and workspace access.

VMblog:  Talk about your technology. What problems do you solve? How are you unique?

Joseph:  We're the only end-to-end application management solutions provider that can deliver the agility to solve today's enormous challenges for enterprise application management while providing a future-proof solution that can adapt to tomorrow's needs. That means end users just click on their familiar app icons and they run, no matter the circumstances. End users can do things easier while saving a tremendous amount of time for IT and lowering costs for the organization.

Our Smart Icon Technology lets your IT team create smart scenarios to deliver the right application, fully updated, and with the right settings, automatically to an individual or group. Liquit Release & Patch Management takes all the uncertainty and time drain out of keeping third-party applications patched and updated.

Everyone has challenges with application provisioning and packaging for hundreds if not thousands of users and groups and hundreds of applications that need to be updated and accessed in diverse ways and combinations. Liquit simplifies all of that with 4000+ curated and tested applications, fast backend automation to deliver contextual awareness to every user and group in minutes rather than hours or days. We manage simple and seamless application delivery to Windows or macOS end users across the enterprise via our Universal Agent. 

VMblog:  Are you announcing anything new at this event? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Joseph:  We've just created a partnership with Prianto Distribution UK as our exclusive distribution partner for the UK, which is extremely exciting. They've built a reputation for strong partnerships built on trust across the UK and a deep understanding of the UK and broader Europe's reseller market. I've known and worked with Prianto UK Founder and CEO Yuri Pasea, who brings over 39 years of experience in the EUC/digital transformation space. He and Prianto UK Sales Director Raj Mehta, along with their expert team, understand the needs of resellers and end users in the UK. Yuri will be at DTX in part to support us and our new partnership, and to help us begin building new relationships. 

VMblog:  Do you have any speaking sessions during the event? If so, can you give us the details?

Joseph:  Ben Ward will lead a session at DTX that shows how Liquit is a brilliant solution that extends current app management capabilities like no other. He's formerly held roles with Liquit, Citrix, VMware, and IGEL, so he understands the changing needs of the resellers and end users that are often using several of these platforms and hundreds of applications in different combinations.

Deploy, Patch, Update: Making your applications work smarter, not harder.
Thursday, May 18, 2023. 12:25 PM to 12:50 PM.
Workplace Collaboration Stage

VMblog:  How does Liquit help with the growth of the EUC market? Where does your technology fit?

Joseph:  I keep using this word, but agility is a constant priority in the EUC space. Technology advances are unsustainable in the face of constantly changing needs, like the surge in remote working during and after the pandemic, and now with the shifting hybrid model. Organizations, enterprises and even vendors need some way to meet those challenges in a cost effective and future-proof way. Our fantastic development team has designed Liquit to meet the growing pains of EUC in terms of seamlessly integrating multiple hybrid cloud, workspace, and platform environments along with thousands of applications and end users.

Liquit has been developed to grow and change based on evolving needs that the EUC ecosystem may not even be aware of today, so it provides a future-proof solution. Our solution helps to increase agility and transparency across all environments, users, and devices anywhere (even offline) while freeing IT time in changing EUC environments. Over time, we provide the means to support digital transformation to innovative technologies and approaches while lowering entrenched licensing costs.

VMblog:  Where do you see the EUC industry headed? What's next?

Joseph:  Some of the biggest names in EUC are going through major changes that are often the result of recent mergers. What they all have in common is that they've been trying to stay one step ahead of the changing needs of the enterprise with application management, access, and integration across hybrid cloud and workforces. Then there is the need to simplify and integrate multiple existing platforms, workspaces, and VDI user groups whilst delivering everything that enterprise end users need with transparency and simplicity.

Vendors with mature technologies and cost structures can no longer hope to be all things to all people. Simultaneously, end users can't find a way to integrate and make the most of their EUC, applications and VDI/multi-device user environments when the only answer is an untenable rip and replace approach.

We see an unprecedented wave of cooperation between vendors and end users to find ways to bridge this gap, and those that cannot meet this new paradigm will fall by the wayside. With Liquit, our primary goal has been to bridge this platform, application access, and integration nightmare in a way that could meet present needs and adapt to future changes.

While no single solution can do everything, we're confident that we can help resellers, vendors, and end users to maximize the possibilities of their application management environments along with the usability of entrenched vendor solutions. To learn more about the endless new features in our latest Liquit 4.0 version, check out our website.


Published Tuesday, May 16, 2023 10:10 AM by David Marshall
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