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TrustCloud Launches TrustHQ for Slack, to enable Slack-first Trust Workflows for GRC and Sales teams
TrustCloud announced the launch of TrustHQ for Slack-a bidirectional integration that allows employees, sales teams and GRC leaders to complete their GRC workflows and projects through a shared or private Slack workspace. TrustHQ for Slack follows the launch of TrustHQ for Atlassian, with additional collaboration capabilities coming soon.

TrustHQTM for Slack allows Slack customers to distribute tasks and communicate status updates to team members, so internal GRC tasks and customer-facing security questionnaires and reviews can be completed quickly and easily. GRC and sales leaders leveraging TrustHQ gain visibility into the status of required tasks, which reduces manual work, time spent on project management and room for error. This capability is available to all TrustCloud customers using Slack today, alongside AI to complete security questionnaires, and over 100+ evidence collection integrations, including Atlassian, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, to automate compliance workflows.

TrustHQ for Slack provides the following features and capabilities for Slack customers:

  • Trust and Security Review Deal Rooms: allow sales teams to get alerts on the status of security reviews and security questionnaires, collaborate on security reviews in one space, easily complete security questionnaires and close security review processes quickly.
  • Alerts and Reminders: allow employees, sales engineers, subject matter experts and GRC leaders to set up customizable reminders based on GRC obligations or customer-facing deal activity. These alerts help teams prioritize tasks with approaching due dates and take action directly from reminders to keep the company's trust obligations up-to-date.

TrustHQ for Slack facilitates cross-functional communication and empowers GRC and sales leaders to build a culture of security. Benefits for TrustCloud customers include:

  • Reclaim time, and enhance efficiency: GRC leaders and sales teams need to spend their time driving business value, not responding to emails and monitoring project status.
  • Improve accountability: minimize the risk of inaction and hold team members accountable for their commitments with actionable notifications and clear tracking towards compliance-related tasks.
    Build a culture of trust: make GRC and trust a company-wide responsibility by empowering team members with a seamless workflow in the tools they work in daily.

"I'm a believer that everyone has a role to play in GRC and security-consistent maintenance and collaboration from the entire team is the key to maintaining a robust and healthy program," said Ray Espinoza, CISO for Inspectiv. "TrustCloud didn't just help us achieve SOC 2, it constantly tells us where we are and where we need to take action to keep ourselves and our customers secure. Speed, efficiency and quality are essential to us. Receiving notifications in the tools my team uses daily, like Slack, will be a game-changer-this will ensure that we complete our maintenance tasks promptly and consistently, empowering us to stay connected and secure as we continue to grow."

"InfoSec leaders need buy-in and participation from many other functions, including HR, sales, and engineering, and they want collaboration to be seamless and straightforward," said Tejas Ranade, Chief Product Officer at TrustCloud. "TrustHQ for Slack clarifies exactly who needs to do what, and creates visibility into progress, saving GRC leaders and sales teams from having to manage endless follow-up questions and logging progress in a spreadsheet. With TrustHQ for Slack, our customers upgrade their collaboration tools to become the epicenter of trust for their organization to monitor, prioritize, and automate adherence to internal GRC and customer-facing trust obligations."

Published Thursday, August 03, 2023 10:52 AM by David Marshall
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