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Compromised Secrets: Nearly 25 Percent of Developers Have Experienced a Data Breach
Bitwarden launched the general availability of Secrets Manager. Bitwarden Secrets Manager allows DevOps and IT teams to securely store, manage, automate and share sensitive authentication credentials at scale throughout the development lifecycle. Bitwarden combines zero knowledge, end-to-end encryption with an easy-to-use interface and predictable pricing for secrets management.  

With data breaches and security top of mind for many, managing passwords, keys and other sensitive information is critical but still a challenge for businesses working across environments, platforms and teams. As a result, developers have an increasing role to play in maintaining the security of sensitive company data. 

Bitwarden poll uncovers the security challenges developers face

Securing database keys, codebases, and other privileged credentials keeps enterprise development teams safe when working across environments and platforms. A recent Bitwarden poll of over 100 developers found that:

  • Nearly a quarter of developers have experienced a data breach
  • While 72 percent of development teams agree that secrets managers help prevent data breaches, more than half (52 percent) still do not have a secure solution
  • Secrets management occupies a big part of their day-to-day job - nearly one fifth of respondents spend more than 5 hours per week managing developer secrets

OLR Retail and Test Evolve, Ltd. enhances developer security with Bitwarden Secrets Manager 

Darren Beck, CTO of both OLR Retail, a leading omnichannel solutions provider for the retail industry, and Test Evolve, Ltd, an automated testing tool, has adopted Bitwarden Secrets Manager for both companies to tackle secrets sprawl and ensure the highest level of developer security. "Before integrating Bitwarden, we [definitely] experienced secret sprawl. But now, Bitwarden is our source of truth," said Beck.

"End-to-end encryption is critical for our company's security posture. We ensure that it is integrated in every aspect of the software our developers use. You never know when someone will get access. It's important that every point in the path is secure. We needed some way of being able to inject secret values from a secure location in a secure manner. I'm extremely happy with Bitwarden, which is why we have moved all of our companies over to it."

Secrets Manager empowers developers to minimize security risks

Offering end-to-end encryption, reducing secrets proliferation, and closing security gaps, Bitwarden Secrets Manager empowers development teams to easily store, secure, share, and deploy secrets including database passwords, API keys, and authentication certificates at scale.

Key offerings of Bitwarden Secrets Manager include:

  • Unlimited secret storage across all free and paid plans
  • Unlimited users and projects for paid plans
  • Comprehensive developer focused documentation
  • Growing list of out-of-the-box integrations and SDKs
  • Easy provisioning of employees with SSO, SCIM, and directory integrations
  • Predictable pricing

"In just the last year alone, we've seen a spike in what should be preventable data breaches, with the culprit in many cases being poor management of sensitive credentials," said Michael Crandell, CEO of Bitwarden. "Bitwarden Secrets Manager addresses this by giving developers, DevOps, and IT teams the tools to secure their secrets throughout the lifecycle and reduce their chances of unprivileged access that results in a data breach. As more organizations undertake digital transformation and move to the cloud, they must stay vigilant and protect themselves and their critical data from unauthorized access."

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Published Wednesday, August 23, 2023 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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