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Tanium Announced Improved Digital Employee Experiences, Expedited Investigations

Tanium released significant new features to Tanium Digital Employee Experience (DEX), a new module to XEM Core, and an upgraded platform that's designed to enhance speeds for Tanium users.

The company built these products, features, and updates to extend Tanium's core capabilities. They further enhance Tanium's performance and ease of use while addressing a wide range of problems that organizations are struggling with as digital assets and experiences become central to every workflow, communication channel, and point of collaboration.

With these latest updated, Tanium highlights:

  • How new features for DEX can automatically resolve digital experience issues, measure and track employee sentiment, and maintain uptime
  • How Investigate can reduce risks and eliminate downtime by dramatically reducing Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR) for security and operational incidents
  • How the Tanium Platform Update adds further speed enhancements and lets users monitor and manage endpoints in half as many clicks

New features: Tanium DEX

Employees' digital experience is more important than ever. The workforce has gone hybrid, and their digital experiences drive an organizations' workflows, communication channels, and points of collaboration. Yet many organizations still lack the tools they need to monitor, manage, and improve these experiences at scale.

Tanium DEX solves this problem. It provides real-time visibility, scalable control, and a data-driven understanding of how to improve employees' digital experiences. With Tanium DEX, organizations can find and fix common digital experience issues, measure and improve how employees feel about their digital experiences, and reduce helpdesk calls by resolving issues before they impact productivity or create downtime - and tickets.

Digital experiences will remain the cornerstone of every organization, and the ability to efficiently maintain these experiences will only grow in importance in the coming years. With that in mind, we're committed to constantly improving our DEX solution and are happy to announce we are launching a suite of new features for it.

Tanium DEX now includes two new major features.

1. Custom Automated Self-Healing.

Tanium DEX already provided a library of Automated Self-Healing features to remediate common issues out of the box. Now, organizations can expand this library with customized automated self-healing routines. While everyone can benefit from this feature, it's designed to drive the most value for organizations with an internal line of unique business applications and environmental issues.

2. User Sentiment Score and Reporting.

Tanium DEX was built to increase employees' engagement, productivity, and efficiency by improving their digital experiences. Now, organizations can measure how those experiences are delivering and whether employees are satisfied with them. With User Sentiment Score and Reporting, organizations can create sentiment scores - based on user surveys and data - and track them at the organizational and per-user level.

New Module: Tanium Investigate

Organizations run on digital technology. When this technology experiences a performance issue or interruption, employees must stop working, customers must stop buying from you, and your business grinds to a halt. These incidents are expensive. The average IT outage costs an enterprise $9,000+ per minute or $500,000+ per hour. And those are just the immediate costs. Outages also create friction with employees that can reduce their satisfaction and retention rates, and cause customers to take their business to one of their many other options.

Most of these incidents are caused by humans - either intentionally or accidentally. Internal teams are constantly changing these digital systems, and any one of those changes can accidentally cause an interruption or outage. At the same time, malicious actors are constantly attacking these systems and attempting to cause an incident.

Organizations know they must stop these outages before they cause harm, but they have lacked the tools to do so. They have leveraged a stack of siloed point tools, consoles, and experiences. When an incident occurs, they jump from tool to tool just to figure out what happened, and then to take action to remediate the problem. This approach does not work. Enterprises are spending a vast portion of their Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR) investigating incidents, finding root causes, and learning how to resolve them - and every minute of that process is costing them thousands of dollars.

Tanium's new module - Investigate - solves this problem. It offers a single solution that creates faster and more accurate incident investigations, pivots seamlessly to incident remediation, and dramatically improves MTTR. To do so, Tanium Investigate:

  • Collects all relevant IT Ops and Security data needed for an investigation
  • Provides historical and real-time endpoint data to enrich the investigation
  • Renders this data in a way that yields powerful insights and actionable next steps
  • Provides a shared workspace where users can collaborate, share investigation data, analyze and derive insights, and agree on causality and how to remediate
  • Integrates with ServiceNow to guide helpdesk users into the investigation
  • Pivots seamlessly to remote, scalable, real-time remediation actions
  • Demonstrates business value through metrics like MTTR and ticket prevention

By doing so, Tanium Investigate produces some significant benefits, including:

  • Dramatically reducing Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) for incidents
  • Reducing outages and support tickets
  • Shifting from reactive to proactive endpoint incident management
  • Identifying and remediating issues at scale across any size organization
  • Improving employee and customer sentiment, engagement, and loyalty

This makes IT Ops, security, and helpdesks more efficient and effective.

Tanium Platform Upgrade

The entire Tanium platform is getting a big upgrade. The company has made wholesale improvements to how Tanium works, and now deliver more data than ever at higher speeds than previous versions of our platform.

At the same time, we've created a more intuitive user interface - including a quick search bar at the top of the console. This lets users ask questions, run reports, or pull up dashboards from anywhere on the platform. The result? Users can now monitor and manage any endpoint in half as many clicks.

Tanium was already the fastest and most effective endpoint platform. With this latest platform upgrade, it becomes even faster and delivers even greater results.

With these updates, organizations will:

  • Dramatically accelerate Tanium
  • Make it even easier to use for any task
  • Get more data when your users need it most
  • Investigate and respond to incidents in seconds
  • Seamlessly dive deeper into data and pivot between tasks
  • Perform all the above from the same single, lightweight, cloud-based platform

More Products, More Features, More Performance

DEX, Investigate, and their updated platform all fold into their Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) solution. They extend Tanium's capabilities and performance to provide a single, unified solution for all or an organizations endpoint's data and workflows.

With these new products, features, and updates, organizations can quickly and easily monitor and manage even more elements of their evolving digital infrastructure and experiences - and do so faster and more efficiently than ever before, at any scale, in real-time.

Published Friday, September 22, 2023 4:22 PM by David Marshall
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