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Announcing Coda 4.0: The All-in-One Workspace for Businesses, With the Most Connected AI Yet
Coda announced the launch of Coda 4.0. This latest version brings a host of powerful new AI offerings, empowering Coda's millions of customers globally to collaborate, build, and organize in a more connected and efficient way than ever before.

AI is revolutionizing the modern workplace, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for business growth, innovation, and productivity. Yet, very few companies have built the infrastructure necessary for AI to generate meaningful value for the enterprise at scale. A recent survey conducted by Coda revealed that 78% of respondents are not fully confident in their ability to get the most out of AI at work.

At the heart of Coda 4.0 is Coda AI, a contextually-aware, permissions-compliant enterprise work assistant that proactively scales workflows and solves problems for teams. Unlike other AI solutions, Coda AI integrates seamlessly with more than 600 applications such as Salesforce, Slack, Figma, Miro, and Jira, leveling up from a simple AI query to make it the only true AI work assistant that's customized based on all the data and information that users have permission to access within their organization. Integrated Coda AI offers best-in-class on-demand assistance, leveraging a company's information for:

  1. Knowledge assistance that generates insights from across a team's work.
  2. Writing assistance that drafts and edits with an AI collaborator.
  3. Task assistance that automates workflows and takes action, at scale.

"Today we're introducing Coda 4.0, our most powerful version of Coda to date, with expanded AI capabilities and powerful integrations that empower teams to reach new heights of connectivity without compromising security. We understand how critical it is to use AI to modernize knowledge workers' jobs, so we've chosen to offer this solution in all our paid packages without any additional cost," says Shishir Mehrotra, CEO and Co-Founder, Coda.

"Across industries, businesses are struggling to move beyond the AI pilot phase, forced to navigate high costs and tool-management hurdles associated with enterprise-level AI deployment. The only option to date has been to layer AI capabilities into individual solutions and pay an AI premium for each one. Because Coda 4.0 integrates natively with the content across your tech stack, it unlocks opportunities to mine your own knowledge and accelerate AI time-to-value-while respecting access permissions, and without increasing costs or any need to re-skill employees on these new tools," Shishir continues.

"AI has quickly become a focus for the modern workplace, unlocking a wave of new possibilities for knowledge workers, and encouraging companies to rethink best practices and productivity," said Reid Hoffman, Partner at Greylock and Co-founder at Inflection AI. " Since its inception, Coda has worked diligently to reimagine the world of work and empower teams to create a doc as powerful as an app. Comprising expanded Coda AI features and new building blocks, Coda 4.0 is furthering this mission, providing makers and teams alike with the freedom to harness AI, be creative, and build docs and apps that meet their unique needs."

Coda customer and partner, Figma, has been using Coda AI since June 2023. "Coda's approach to AI is different. They're not just adding AI for novelty, they're deeply thinking about how to add value to the most important use cases to dramatically improve users' workflows. The Coda team has also been super helpful to partner with us as we navigate our own approach to AI," says Yuhki Yamashita, Chief Product Officer, Figma.

Customer Max Xyzor, CTO at Agile Dynamics, says, "Coda AI is making AI feel easily accessible, helping users to avoid the steep learning curve. It's like having a very knowledgeable assistant looking over your shoulder, who understands the content of your file, and who can answer both specific and general questions, editing their answers directly into your document."

With 4.0, Coda is also taking a leap forward in being the only true single source of truth-the only link a team needs, and is today announcing a set of new ways to integrate much deeper with the rest of a company's tool stack, including:

  1. Enhanced customization options with new layouts, full-page embeds from hundreds of other apps, and sync pages that allows your content within Coda to live and stay synchronized across docs.
  2. Two-way sync for editing Salesforce, Jira, and hundreds of other applications, creating solutions across systems and saving hours of copy-pasting.

"I manage my team's projects in Coda and the teams we work with use many tools like Jira and Google Sheets, so I've spent far too much time coming up with workarounds to trigger automations and get the right updates. Two-way sync gives a way for these tools to talk to each other to ensure there is always a source of truth," says Graeme Standing, Marketing Technology Director, DoorDash.

Coda is also unveiling a variety of published solutions that replace hundreds of apps for every team, with in-depth guidance on key scenarios and easy-to-follow instructions on how to implement them in Coda. And finally, Coda is announcing that its free plan just got free-er. The new version has removed document size limits for individual usage, so users can build and play without restrictions.

To learn more about Coda and how to get the most out of Coda 4.0 and Coda's AI capabilities, click here

Published Wednesday, October 04, 2023 3:04 PM by David Marshall
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