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Stacklet Introduces Jun0 to Transform Cloud Governance and Management

Stacklet, creators and lead maintainers of CNCF's Cloud Custodian project, announced Jun0, a powerful new assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Built to accelerate an organization's path of being cost-optimized, secure and compliant, Jun0 leverages AI to help teams speed up cloud governance tasks, reporting, and initiatives using simple text-based queries. Stacklet Jun0 combines an underlying large language mode (LLM) with Stacklet AssetDB, the company's proprietary asset database to uncover complex insights, generate policies, and recommendations faster for teams.  

According to O'Reilly's latest Cloud Adoption report, about two-thirds of respondents currently operate in a public cloud and 47% of respondents are pursuing a cloud-first strategy. Given this adoption rate, organizations need to start to scale and optimize operations in the cloud, and having a governance program and tooling that doesn't negatively impact developer productivity is essential. But ever-changing cloud APIs, adoption of new services and multiple platforms, skill gaps, and stagnated budgets make it challenging. A declarative, "as code" approach to governance will help organizations to reduce the underlying complexity and automate and scale governance programs without hindering development velocity. With the introduction of Stacklet Jun0, Stacklet now layers generative AI capabilities on top of its core platform, enhancing DevSecOps and FinOps team productivity by making it easier for organizations to embrace governance as code.

"What policies could we introduce to save cloud costs without slowing down app developers or increasing operational risk?" or "do we store any data in regions outside of our approved geo locations" are only two questions that come to mind when thinking about what DevOps engineers, FinOps teams, and security guys could ask if they could chat with their cloud governance platform in plain English. Thinking about this for another minute, I could produce a dozen more questions, all aimed at maximizing team productivity while staying on top of cost,compliance, reliability and security," says Torsten Volk, managing research director at EMA. Stacklet has used the incredible capabilities of generative AI to make cloud governance accessible to anyone. Providing generative AI with access to their cloud asset database and policy knowledge base enables the AI to continuously crunch cloud operations data and produce recommendations that us humans would not even have known to ask for. The potential of Jun0 is quite staggering."

Leveraging AI to Empower Organization's Use of Cloud Resources

Based on the popular open source project Cloud Custodian, Stacklet Platform delivers frictionless governance that accelerates cloud adoption in large-scale environments. Offered as part of the core Stacklet Platform, Jun0 offers a range of benefits to organizations, including:

  • Reducing the time spent reporting and ability to get answers faster: Stacklet Jun0's LLM uses Stacklet's proprietary, real-time cloud asset database and tagging structure as additional data sources to answer ad-hoc, complex questions about your cloud platform. Users can use text-based queries to ask questions related to operations, cost, security, and compliance domains. 
  • Simplifying and speeding up governance policy creation: Using natural language to generate and validate cloud governance policies. You can also dry-run policies against your cloud platform to test, visualize, and share initial findings.  
  • Boosting savings and security posture through AI-driven recommendations: Stacklet Jun0 can provide intelligent recommendations on improving cloud cost optimization, security posture, and compliance score. Leveraging an understanding of your existing cloud posture, Stacklet's policy repository, and knowledge base, you will get actionable, real-world insights to be better managed in the cloud. 

"Stacklet AssetDB is extremely powerful because it contains hundreds of resource types and is accessible to our engineers and FinOps teams, who are already familiar with SQL. I am excited to try Stacklet Jun0 once available. Adding a generative AI layer on top of Stacklet AssetDB and cost governance knowledgebase is the natural next step and would unlock more visibility and productivity for our team." - Director of Cost Optimization, leading tax automation software provider

"Generative AI has made tremendous progress over the past couple of years," said Travis Stanfield, co-founder, and CEO, Stacklet. "We believe augmenting Generative AI capabilities throughout Stacklet Platform will help our customers become more productive and bridge skill gaps in their organizations as they accelerate and optimize usage of cloud platforms." 

Product Availability

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Published Wednesday, October 25, 2023 10:40 AM by David Marshall
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