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Securing the Future: The Rise of AI in Data Security
Artificial intelligence is on everyone's mind at the moment. While the technology is still in its infancy and, of course, is far from perfect, AI often sparks a sense of excitement, curiosity, and hope for what it could help humanity achieve in the near future. 

One of the aspects that artificial intelligence seems to be particularly adept at is data security.

With increasing numbers of businesses moving their data to the cloud, AI can be deployed to protect this data, much of which is sensitive. So what would the rise of AI in data security look like? Let's find out.

Less need for human involvement

The most prominent and frequently discussed benefit of AI is the decreased need for human involvement in all areas that AI touches, and this includes data security. AI can notice and hone in on threats automatically, in a way that humans might not have the stamina or concentration to do for long stretches of time.

AI can always be "on". That's not to say that we are at a point where we don't need people at all - just that AI can take on many of the burdensome tasks that would otherwise be relegated to people. 

For example, instead of spending time and effort googling topics such as "what is call center quality assurance?" or "How do I bypass the new software update?", the automation and ease that AI offers means that human agents can focus on things that require humans.

Using different models of behavior and patterns, AI can spot threats from attackers, as well as offer feedback about new and emerging threats in real time. AI can also be deployed by companies to block any attacks automatically, in a way that is more sophisticated than recent anti-malware software tools.

Processing Big Data


Big data refers to large volumes of data generated continuously by companies around the world. This data can include all sorts of things, from transactional data, customer behavior information, and even social media. You may have heard about the environmental impact of big data, or controversies around storing and using this information. 

Big data has many benefits for companies that can use clever software to develop predictive models and organize marketing campaigns on the basis of this data, and even win political elections. However, storing and processing such a large amount of data can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping the data safe.

AI has the dual advantage of offering increased and more responsive data protection, as well as increasing the capability to process big data. Big data processing with AI will allow security software tools to organize and process a larger amount of data in a smaller period of time, which can then be used by security professionals when it comes to making decisions.

AI is essentially a super brain that can analyze within seconds the various aspects affecting your security, such as any weaknesses in your system or website. It can also analyze user behavior and search for any unusual patterns within your company, identifying any suspicious and possibly malicious activity quickly.

Delegating tasks

AI can be used for delegating various simpler tasks to automated software in order to free up human beings' capacity to work on more complex problems, such as things that would normally be very time-consuming and tedious. If you need to figure out how to set up a remote desktop for MAC download, for instance, you can delegate this research to AI instead of trawling through search engines for hours.

This capacity can improve the accuracy and efficiency of various processes, which is pretty vital in security as it saves time. This, in turn, speeds up the time it takes security teams to respond to any problems that may arise, leading to a more secure work environment.


Detecting and blocking events

Artificial intelligence is becoming ever more "intelligent" and capable of complex tasks, as has been demonstrated by ChatGPT and AI art software. It's also becoming better at detecting and blocking threatening events.This is a technology used to scan for various potential events and prevent them from occurring.

The technology itself is not new, but the AI aspect most definitely is. Professionals can give AI's algorithm information about what usual and typical network activity is supposed to resemble, and this is what the model can then use to cross-examine activity and detect any anomalies to the norm. As well as being able to monitor for and detect these unusual instances, AI can also be instructed on actions to take to prevent these events from occurring.

Events will often have a build up, or sequence of smaller steps that precede the "big event", and these are what the AI system can detect. This is much like realizing that a dog is about to start barking by noticing his posture, gaze, and movements in the build up to the disruptive event. Much like a trained dog handler, AI can learn how to intervene and change the course of the unfolding event.

Robot pointing 

AI event detection and blocking can be used to prevent accidents, crimes, and even terrorist attacks. It can be a crucial feature of a cutting-edge call center monitoring system to help protect sensitive information, and even guard against natural disasters. Think of a seismologist who can prevent loss of life by tracking when and how an earthquake will occur, or a psychologist trained to look for signs of dangerous behaviors in a patient and prevent an attack. 

In data security, AI can spot tell-tale signs of a hacker trying to make their way into a system, such as repeated attempts to log into a system from different locations around the globe within a short span of time.

Parting thoughts

AI in data security is an exciting development, and with machine learning becoming better each day, algorithms are getting more and more intricate and powerful. AI in data security will give companies the chance to process and organize data in a much more efficient and quick way than we have ever seen, as well as monitor, detect, and block unusual activity and events from unfolding.

Data security is so crucial in fields such as finance and medicine, and AI will offer the most intelligent solution for these areas that we have seen up until now.


Published Wednesday, November 22, 2023 7:33 AM by David Marshall
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