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Sonrai Security 2024 Predictions: Goodbye Jack-of-all-Trades, Hello Specialization


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2024: Goodbye Jack-of-all-Trades, Hello Specialization

By Nathan Schmidt, Cloud Security Catalyst, Sonrai Security

The cybersecurity landscape is always evolving, so change is somewhat inevitable. However, as we look ahead to 2024, I foresee a significant transformation that not many are talking about-the once-hyped 'all-in-one' Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) is about to face a reckoning. 

In a world increasingly dominated by threats, the cybersecurity industry is recognizing the indispensable value of specialized tools. The days of the 'jack-of-all-trades' mentality are numbered, as companies shift their focus towards quality over quantity. This seismic shift will see organizations strategically selecting tools that excel in their respective niches, leaving behind the era of checklist-based security purchases in favor of genuine efficacy and tangible outcomes.

The Rise and Fall of the CNAPP

Once thought to be the ultimate solution for the cloud, CNAPP offers a lot of promise encompassing all aspects of cloud application and infrastructure protection. However, the nature and degree of specialized threats has made it clear that a one-size-fits-all approach is often inadequate. As a result many cybersecurity professionals are turning to specialized tools, more effective in dealing with specific risks or vulnerabilities. 

Whether it's malware detection, web application firewalls, or container security, niche solutions can be more agile and adaptive. And companies have grown weary of bloated CNAPPs that offer a multitude of features, but excel in none.

Emphasizing Quality Over Quantity

The year 2024 will mark a transition from quantity-driven security strategies to quality-driven ones. Organizations are no longer content with a lengthy checklist of security features that rarely get fully utilized. Instead, they want tools that excel in their particular area of focus or address specific areas of concern.

For instance, cybersecurity companies will invest in cutting-edge malware detection tools that continuously evolve to counter new threats. SaaS companies will prioritize web application firewalls that provide robust protection against web-based attacks. Cloud companies will adopt specialized container security solutions that ensure the integrity of their containerized applications.

Demanding Tangible Outcomes

As companies move from simply purchasing security products based on a checklist to demanding proof of efficacy and real-world results, we will see new innovation in the industry. Vendors will need to demonstrate the value their specialized tools bring, such as reduced incident response times, fewer false positives, and improved threat detection rates. These outcomes will rely on real-world metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their chosen solutions, moving away from theoretical assessments.

The Importance of Integration

While specialization is key, it's important to note that no tool is an island and companies will still need to ensure that their chosen solutions can seamlessly work together to provide comprehensive protection.

Interoperability will be a core requirement, allowing threat intelligence to flow seamlessly between tools. This interconnected approach will enable security teams to respond quickly and effectively to emerging threats. Integration will not only be a convenience but a necessity in the evolving cybersecurity landscape.


As we look ahead to 2024, the cybersecurity industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation. The era of the 'jack-of-all-trades' is giving way to a new paradigm of specialization. Companies are recognizing the value of quality over quantity, demanding tangible outcomes, and prioritizing integration.

This shift represents a maturation of the cybersecurity field, where tools are selected based on their ability to excel in specific niches. While CNAPP has plenty to offer, it's unlikely to be the silver bullet many expected. The future belongs to those who embrace specialization and the pursuit of true efficacy in the battle against cyber threats. In 2024, the mantra will be clear: goodbye, jack-of-all-trades; hello, specialized excellence.



Nathan Schmidt 

Nathan Schmidt is an American technophile whose focus is cybersecurity through the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. In addition to his work in cybersecurity, he is the founder of a privately funded mentorship program that encourages non-traditional and a tangential-skilled communities to find success in the world of technical solution selling.

Published Wednesday, November 22, 2023 7:33 AM by David Marshall
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