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ThreatX 2024 Predictions: How Organizations Can Master Third-Party Security in 2024


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How Organizations Can Master Third-Party Security in 2024

By Bret Settle, Chief Product Officer, ThreatX

In the relentless race toward technological advancement, organizations find themselves increasingly dependent on third-party tools and technologies. These external solutions have become integral, enhancing efficiency, functionality, and innovation. However, this ironclad dependence underlies a precarious reality: the alarming vulnerability of these tools to heightened cyber threats.

As we enter 2024, this challenge will reach a boiling point as the lack of security visibility within these third-party tools makes them enticing targets for cybercriminals. No longer can organizations afford to react to threats passively; instead, it demands a radical shift in approach to identify vulnerabilities and fortify their defenses proactively. Organizations must adopt proactive strategies integrating unparalleled observability and blocking techniques to elevate third-party security measures.

The Complexities of Third-Party Attack Vectors

Organizations must redefine their relationship with third-party vendors, as more than the traditional approach of evaluating tools based solely on their functionalities. The question leaders must be asking now is not just what a tool can do, but how it safeguards itself and the systems it integrates with.

Vendors must be assessed not only on their ability to monitor for suspicious behaviors that might indicate potential vulnerabilities but also on what security measures are embedded within their tools in the first place. This evolution in approach signifies a broader shift in cybersecurity strategies - one that prioritizes transparency, agility, and strategy over mere functionality.

The focus for organizations has shifted to proactive measures, and among these, runtime protection powered by eBPF stands out as a game-changing technology. This cutting-edge solution offers invaluable observability into the intricate workings of third-party tools. It provides real-time insights, enabling organizations to identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited. What sets eBPF apart is its capability to block attacks at an unprecedented level. By integrating observability with proactive blocking techniques, eBPF equips organizations with the power to thwart attacks before they infiltrate the system, thus significantly reducing the risk landscape.


In this landscape, security is not an add-on but a fundamental aspect of any tool or technology. Organizations must embrace an "always-on" mentality for security today, or risk falling behind competitors.

As the growth of cyber threats in the coming years shows zero indication it will slow, the need for elevated third-party security has never been more pressing. Proactive measures, such as runtime capabilities and demanding more security transparency from vendors will empower organizations to stay one step ahead.

Security teams in 2024 will invest in creating new strategic alliances with technology partners committed to security, to ensure the integrity of their digital ecosystems. In doing so, those who take decisive actions today should emerge stronger, more resilient, and better prepared for tomorrow's cybersecurity challenges.



bret settle 

Bret has served in multiple executive roles for Corporate Express/Staples and BMC Software. He has extensive knowledge of the software development and security products industries. Bret has been responsible for enterprise security in multiple roles and has been an innovator throughout his career. His proven track record of building and developing high performing organizations and dynamic cyber security teams helps ThreatX deliver AppSec services that meet enterprise needs.

Published Tuesday, November 28, 2023 8:00 AM by David Marshall
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