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HYCU's Generative AI Revolution: An Exclusive Video Interview with CEO Simon Taylor

Data fragmentation and lack of protection for cloud applications is an impending crisis faced by enterprises today. With data spread across over 200 SaaS services on average, companies are failing to properly back up 80% of their data according to HYCU CEO Simon Taylor.

In an exclusive new VMblog video interview, Taylor unveiled how HYCU leverages groundbreaking generative AI technology to rapidly build data protection integrations in minutes versus days to solve this massive data crisis.

The Genesis of HYCU's Generative AI Initiative

When conceptualizing HYCU's Cloud Software-as-a-Service data protection platform, Taylor identified a critical gap in integration development time. What would have taken months to complete, HYCU's R-Cloud was able to provide companies with the ability to turn that integration process into days. But for Taylor, this was still too long of a process.

While 3 days was an improvement from traditional methods requiring months or years of development, Taylor believed HYCU could leverage emerging AI technology to further accelerate time-to-value. This sparked the genesis of HYCU's new Generative AI initiative, as Taylor explained:

"We were sitting there thinking about this 3 day problem. And the world was on fire with artificial intelligence announcements. And what we kept seeing over and over again, was that they were not delivering on customer value, especially in the infrastructure, software space... So I think, to begin with, when we looked at AI, we sort of said, we're not going to build something, unless there's actually something to be built."

Reducing Integration Development Time from 3 Days to 36 Minutes

By training the Anthropic Generative Cloud model on HYCU's specific integration requirements, HYCU reduced the average development cycle for a full data protection integration from 3 days down to just 36 minutes.

As Taylor elaborated, "You can now develop a complete end to end integration in as little as 36 minutes. So we brought it down from three days to 36 minutes, I'm still pushing for three minutes, we'll get there one day, I promise you."

This 10x acceleration empowers HYCU partners and customers to rapidly build data protection for countless SaaS applications. And it solves the fragmented data protection crisis where businesses lack visibility or control over their data across cloud silos.

Overcoming the "SaaS Data Apocalypse"

In his book 'Averting the SaaS Data Apocalypse', Taylor highlighted the data fragmentation crisis stemming from over 30,000 cloud services running today. This results in a situation he describes as:

"The universe of 30,000 SaaS applications. And the fact that because of all these as a service applications, 80% of the world's data goes completely unprotected."

By leveraging Anthropic's generative AI, HYCU can now rapidly build integrations to backup critical SaaS apps beyond the handful of services protected today.

As Taylor explained, "We've now got 68 [SaaS services] protected, so more than 10 times anybody else in the industry... I think we're going to see continued proliferation of data silos... And so that means that the 30,000 SaaS services we have today becomes 45, becomes 60, becomes 100, that number is never going to go down."

HYCU + Anthropic: A Shared Vision for Good

When evaluating generative AI vendors to partner with, Taylor identified his highest criteria was finding a company with shared values and vision around using AI responsibly to create safer systems.

This made Anthropic the obvious choice as Taylor explained:

"Anthropic has a very shared, very similar and shared vision with HYCU to build a safer world...they split out of open AI specifically because they wanted to create a really, really safe model, and they wanted to invest in making it safe for humanity."

Taylor also cited Anthropic's exceptionally accurate model for generating software integrations efficiently with less errors and need for troubleshooting.

By combining HYCU's data protection IP and expertise with Anthropic's advanced generative capabilities, the two companies are leading the way for customer-centric, responsible AI innovation.

Simon Taylor's Predictions for Data Protection in 2024 & Beyond

Given HYCU's reputation for successfully predicting major shifts in data protection such as the rise of ransomware, virtualization, and SaaS, VMblog asked Taylor to once again gaze into his crystal ball. Check out Taylor's predictions on new AI-powered ransomware threats and why he says data control and access is critical for businesses in 2024 and beyond.

By leveraging anthropic's industry-leading generative AI, HYCU is delivering on its vision for intelligent, automated data protection today while building towards Taylor's predicted safe data future.

Published Thursday, February 08, 2024 8:01 AM by David Marshall
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