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OpsMx Announces New Enterprise GitOps Program for Weaveworks Customers

OpsMx announced new resources, incentives, and support services to help Weaveworks customers continue their GitOps journey using open source Argo. Argo is currently one of the fastest growing Linux Foundation projects, driven by its ease of operations and developer-friendly experience. As a complete GitOps solution, Argo offers an easy migration path for current users of Weaveworks' Flux-based continuous delivery solution. OpsMx made this announcement in response to the Weaveworks announcement that the company is closing its doors and shutting down commercial operations.

"Weaveworks brought innovative thinking to the DevOps world that made GitOps a reality," said Gopal Dommety, CEO and co-founder of OpsMx. "Today that GitOps momentum continues with Argo. As the only company committed to an ‘Open CD' architecture that doesn't lock customers into single-vendor solutions, OpsMx is here to help Weaveworks customers shift to open source Argo and then extend it for the demands of the enterprise."

Weaveworks built their GitOps solution on the Linux Foundation's open source Flux project. The same core GitOps capabilities are also available in Linux Foundation's open source Argo project. In 2023, Argo was #4 on the Linux Foundation's ranking of open source project momentum, while Flux, with the support of Weaveworks, ranked #36. This increased velocity means that customers moving to Argo will benefit from faster delivery of new features, fewer open security vulnerabilities, and rapid expansion of the platform. As both Flux and Argo are built around GitOps, moving from Flux to Argo is relatively straightforward.

Flux to Argo Transition Program
OpsMx is now offering incentives and limited-time benefits for current Weaveworks Flux customers who want to continue their adoption of GitOps building on the Argo platform, including:

  • Free Transition Services. OpsMx has already helped some of the world's largest companies mitigate and build out their enterprise CD implementations. OpsMx is providing professional services for the transition to Argo at no cost to customers.
  • Special Discounts. Weaveworks customers can receive up to a 40% discount on OpsMx standard support pricing.
  • Trade-in Credits. Weaveworks customers may qualify for a trade-in credit based on the value of the unused portion of their current contract. With trade-in credits, customers may be able to move now at no cost rather than waiting for the end of their current contract.
  • The OpsMx product team has written a blog post to help customers better understand what a transition from Flux to ArgoCD will look like. The blog can be found here.

Weavework customers who move to Argo also gain access to OpsMx enterprise extensions to open source Argo, including:

  • OpsMx Visibility and Insights module provides a unified dashboard, application visibility across Argo instances, and DORA metrics.
  • OpsMx Delivery Intelligence module automates manual approval steps and validates new releases, using an AI/ML engine to compare the behavior of a new release to that of prior releases and then recommend if the release should go forward.
  • OpsMx Deploy Shield module integrates with a customer's existing DevOps tool chains and deployment pipelines to assemble a comprehensive view of the "code commit to deployment" process, all available in a single interface. Use Deploy Shield with Argo to manage application security posture and if necessary block deployment of out-of-compliance releases.
Published Friday, February 09, 2024 2:53 PM by David Marshall
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